The Ponderance of Pooh~

Winnie the Pooh was our StoryBook Club theme this month and we all met up at the House of Pooh corner, (Val's big Victorian house on a corner).
The thing about Winnie the Pooh is that he's just so squeezable. He's sweet and laid back and naive and wise all at the same time.

Zen Pooh.

There actually was a book that many of us have read in the past, about this simple reflective character:
 "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff.

The personalities of the Winnie the Pooh story are all boiled down versions of our own character.
Pooh~ Naive, thoughtful and laid back
Piglet~ Hopeful, nervous trusting loving soul

Rabbit~ OCD, a bit anal, analytical and ordered

Kanga~ the perfect compassionate and able mother figure

Roo~ the wide eyed child up for learning what life is in all its forms

Owl~ a bit "too far north" and out there, know-it-all-chaotic, somewhat oblivious to surroundings

Eeyore~ the pessimistic "oh poor me" Law of Attraction casualty

Tigger~ the over the top- ADHD -love life- gotta be me- Ego... at it's best and worst. Confident and Fragile.

Christopher Robin~ the compromiser and adventurer and solid foundation

Which one are you?
We are all of the above put together. A.A. Milne was onto something there with Philosophy that led you along the wordy path of language in its forms on the page. Literally. You can walk, hop, skip and jump from page to page! How fun is that to get to be able to live and play IN and ON a book?

In fact, most of us in the group, found ourselves relaxing so much just with hearing the sound of Sebastian Cabot as the narrator. ("Mr. French" as I mused to the group). We were lulled into an evening's repose much like a baby in a rocking chair.

Of course, it could've also been the grand dinner that we all brought and mowed down at our fun monthly themed gathering.

Let's see....
There was "Pigs in a Blanket", and hot sliced ham right out of the oven (for Piglet), Fresh farm milk and yogurt and homemade Granola (for Kanga & Roo) and there was fresh veggies and dip and hummus, and CarrotOrangeAppleGinger Juice, and Carrot Cake (for Rabbit), a fermented Tea (for Owl) and Peanut Butter Fudge, Honey Meade and Baklava (for Pooh).
There was nothing for Eeyore... (in his sad voice) , "Which, when you think about it," was perfect for Eeyore

No pics this time....sorry. We were too busy eating and visiting and talking of great and magickal things like: Heffalumps and Woozels....and how to avoid Jagulars )
All very important information while wandering in our 100 acre woods of Life.

Swinging from Zen calm goodness we change it up for next month's October spooky theme.
We will also get some good information on Sociopaths, when we read the Classic children's literature piece:

The Folk Tale of "Bluebeard."

And for God's sake honey.....don't open that door.

Consider yourself warned :)