Merry Mischief Civil and Medieval School Shows :)

Hey Ho~

Just thought I'd share some of the fun stuff that we do for our school programs.
We had a very fun week last week, full of history and costuming, song and story!

At Gorham Elementary we played there and did our show "Songs of the Civil War" and wanted to show you a pic or two of that. We had a fun time there, and this is our 3rd year there doing this program. The Gorham Historical Society helps to put on a day for the students and they are very knowledgeable and also dress up for the kids (next year, if they do it again, I will be sure to get more pics of them!)

Here is our setup for that....
It is mind-boggling to me that an overwhelming majority of children these days are not acquainted with traditional American folk music. I mean, such standards as: "Old Grey Mare", "Polly Wolly Doodle", "Dixie", "Goober Peas" and "Beautiful Dreamer" are brand new songs for them! We do these and many more including Lincoln's Campaign Song! This is our Merry Mischief way of bringing old music forward and keeping it going! We commend this school and their community's Historical Society for caring enough to keep kids learning and having fun with History!!

Hey, wait.....
Who's that old guy? :)

We bring music and dolls and folklore to help tell some of the history of the day.
Oh, and check out those flags. That is a replica 36 star flag from 1861....not the one we have today.

The following day found us even further back in time at one of our favorite schools to play at. Martha Brown Middle School in Fairport! They have an Annual Medieval Days for their students and we've been there for many years now and are always grateful to be asked back again. This school is phenomenal! The teachers AND the students all get into the spirit of the event and dress up too!

Check out this school's team spirit!

 Here is our Merry Mischief Stage setup for this day's events:

 Some fun props....including Ratty for the Black Plague.....

This is a Model School and I wish more schools were like it.
Their Music and Arts programs are tops. And the reason is because of a great Parent-Teachers Association with involved and caring Parents that support the Teachers and the school. But check out these teachers!
How's this for modeling participation?

Aren't they AWESOME???

Truly a fun day had by ALL!

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