Winter in Toronto Part 2~ Meandering and Clubbing

Friday morning found us lazily having coffee and long fun discussions with Kristin in her beautiful home after the kids and Jeff busily left for work. They have rented a gorgeous large home and it is quite stunning! 
We soaked each other up and then after our 3rd cup of inspiration we decided to go “see Toronto on a driving tour”. 

 It was a grey and drizzly day, but no matter! Kristin bombed around streets, up this one and down that one, showing us the sights! Such gorgeous neighborhoods we floated through! What beautiful neighborhoods of Rose Dale filled with mansions!

We boogied around Toronto, lounging and enjoying our adventure

…and then a special treat to a coffee shop for something sweet . We stopped into a Bohemian sort of artsy coffee shop for a cookie. I couldn’t decide, so I got a buttery shortbread and a big thumbprint and Harry & I split them both. Then we ate Grant’s chocolate cookie because after one bite he was full. So sad when that happens :)

 When we got back to the house, we played music for them and the kids helped us with many songs while Kristin made a delicious dinner of salmon and salad for us all.
After the dishes were cleared, and we were stuffed, they got a babysitter for the evening and the four of us went out for a pub crawl! To prime the pump, a couple of us armed ourselves with “car-beers” and I’m not saying who :)

We were off to Queens Street for a few drinks and much needed comraderie! Saw some great shops and sights!

Check out that dress!!
And fur stole!

And the BLING and Tiaras on the wall!

We went to several bars, the first being this one, which was a piano bar. 

Saw a sign for Kareoke, 

but WHEW! NO WORRIES. Not tonight! :)

We drank several pints as we meandered our way through the dark, yet busy nighttime streets!

My drink of choice originally was a pint...but later I turned to my friend, Tequila (as it makes me pee less :) We wandered through the fashion district, past China Town and into the grittier parts of the city. We hoofed out way over 30 city blocks through the mild winter night window shopping, enjoying live music, and reveling in the company and also managed to work off our pints and fresh salmon dinner!  The night was magical and the pubs (especially this one) was just perfection!

It was “clubby but gritty” and I really  really wanted to play on this stage!

When we walked in and got a great seat up front in the corner, a good Bluegrass band played a lot of original music. Bonus!

The bass player looked like Jesus. Thank you God! :)

 Lots of  fun and great friends to share it with!

After we sleep in a bit...and our legs recover from the slippery long walk....

Tomorrow the ROM!

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