Toronto Trip Part 3~ ROMiny Soup

Saturday morning found me waking up at 9:30am and I thought the house was still asleep. So tired were we from our pub crawl and trek the night before that we crashed and burned in a big way. So quiet was the room that we slept in, that when I got downstairs, I see that Kristin had already made pancakes and the kids were all up for several hours. It was a sweet loungy morning in our jammies.
Harry had a bad hair day in the morning :)

 More Merry Mischief music but this time for Kristin and Jeff, and we were also really happy to trade tunes and listen to the CD that Kristin is on in the Toronto Community Choir for Christmas. Her choral group did all European Christmas music and I dearly want a copy. I especially loved their version of “Lo, How a Rose ere Blooming.” It is one of my all time favorites.

And then, we were off again and the lot of us, 4 adults and 3 children went to the ROM. It is short for The Royal Ontario Museum and is jam packed FULL of history, culture, art and information from all over the world.  I think we were there about 5 hours!


 Kids getting into some meditation poses :)

I love this shot of Sarah...

it was candid of her trying to pose like the statues :)

 Some really amazing Buddhas, Kwan Yins and the like!

 A huge armor display!

 A respite...we are all getting tired!

 Harry enjoyed himself immensely

I love that Grant totally photo bombed this pic below :)
 Greek busts....
 Hey.... :)
 Reliefs, sculptures, paintings, jewelry..

SO much history and art!!
 Native American wing....
 SO much to see and do here!
 A candid Sarah shot...

This is "The King of Hell" it said on the sign.

I mean....I think you ought to know something really important like this.
The day ended and we left, tired but happy…and happy to be together.

Kristin and I dropped off the family at the house, and made an important side trip to the LCBO (which stands for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario…i.e. “the liquor store”).   
 I’ve never seen a place quite like it! It was like 3 floors with a parking garage underneath and an elevator to like…the “wine floor!” We tasted some whiskey. It was our DUTY and privilege to do so.

Then she and I went back home and created a fabulous dinner while drinking several glasses of a Merlot and chatting girl talk in the kitchen. She made a great stir fry with fresh veggies and lots of ginger and I made our new favorite “Buffalo Tofu Bites” while the guys watched the SU basketball upstairs and the kids played.
All the food was fabulous! The kids loved the tofu too!  It was really tasty…but then again, anytime you dip anything into EVOO and bread it and bake it to a delicious crispness…then into Red Hot and Blue Cheese, it doesn’t suck :)

The rest of the evening was spent snuggling in a couple of puppy piles on couches, Jeff lit a welcome and cozy fire in the fireplace, there was more wine, and we watched Pirates of the Caribbean “At World’s End” with the kids…which we enjoyed the view on a huge flat screen TV.

Perfection. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. EVER.

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