Toronto and The Falls~ Part 4

Up and out early on this final day of our wee get away.....
and we said a grateful goodbye to our friends and hosts for our mini vacation!
We've SO enjoyed our time here, with our friends (who are more like family) and this beautiful get away in this toddlin' town! We loaded up and were driving out of Toronto at 8:30am to head back. Harry needs to get started on gathering gear and working on a script for a play- of which rehearsals start tomorrow! 
No rest for the wicked...nor the self employed!

But mayhaps a quick side trip to Niagara Falls along the way?

Oh why not?
I really want to see the Niagara Whirlpool. Evidently, after the water comes crashing down over the falls on both the Canadian and American side…it careens down the river straight until it comes to a deliberate RIGHT turn. While there, it spins around and then shoots off to the right. I’d love to see it in the spring when it’s really running. Maybe in a couple of months. But now, we are here and I’ve never seen the falls in winter and really want to!

I just adore Niagara Falls. I’ve been to it with all the important people in my life. It is a magickal place indeed. There are Ley Lines all over it. I love it. I want to get some pictures of the whirlpool now and go for a bit of a winter walk.

 The landscape IS beautiful and it is COLD.
Bone cold.
 There is not a lot of snow, and I'm glad...
but there is a LOT of ice from the mist...
and the wind cuts like a knife.

 It's too cold to snow.
I want to go to the Falls now....
But first…
PLEASE stop and find me a rest room.
The coffee has hit and it isn’t funny.
Yah...Don't make me laugh.
Maybe it was the Falls' fault.
You know, the sound of all that running water.
Maybe it's because the rest room here at his part of the park is closed for winter and I am DENIED.
Maybe it was the fact that I drank that extra cup of coffee before I left.
Who knows? 
But Harry can’t find a place that is suitable for him to stop at.
I am past the point of caring.
I am considering baring arse in the frozen weeds in the woods.
We get back in the car and head back to civilization in hopes of finding a restaurant for lunch and for God's sake....a potty.

"There’s a Denny’s!" I cry out excitedly and point!!!
But no…he drives around trying to find the entrance and doesn’t take the one I so directly point out to him directly. (Read: "Damn you to Hell")

So we go over to Goat Island but all the rest rooms we find are closed for the season.

I am now, past the point of being kind, because now I am in serious physical distress and bonus, I have to shit now too.(which was probably the fault of the fruit for breakfast and the banana in the car. Yah, Kristin, you were right about those kiwis :) Me and my goddamn fruit.

After holding my water for too long of a time, my body has basically mutinied and said to me:
“Fuck you bitch…you want to stop up the works? Now I’ll give you something to cry about.”

So I say in my most non-directive manner: 
“GO BACK TO THE DENNY’S NOW’ which Merlyn utters in her best Linda Blair Satan Voice.
And so we do.
Thank GOD.
Just in time.

Angels sing as I flush.

I refuse to speak to Harry until after I am seated and have a cup of hot coffee in my hand.
I warm up to being only mildly frozen, while my pulsating liver, kidneys and colon resume a normal functioning shape and condition. After delivering to Harry the mandatory quiet riot act…
and thusly SINCERELY promising to him, that I will indeed return the favor of being indecisive and halting when he has kidney shut down and HE has to go next time. 

I am purged. In so many ways. :)

Ahh. Better. 
Lunch is now on the way and after eating and refueling we have plans to go back to Goat Island now that I can actually walk without pain or …fear of possible incident or spontaneous combustion. And as if the Gods were in sympathy for my earlier plight, a total stranger checking out of the hotel attached to the Denny's gave us a $10 coupon towards breakfast!
Sweet. :)

It was worth waiting for, but it is COLD. It was so fun!

This whole trip has been a Godsend and amazing!

Here is the view of the American side of the falls...
Not as striking as the Canadian side's view...
but a wondrous force of Mother Nature to be sure!

Can you say BITTER COLD?


 And yes, I love him. He drives me crazy sometimes...

But he is my snuggle bunny. 
And we go through everything together.


The ride home went without incident and we had a tremendous time these last four days on our very blessed winter vacation in Toronto, Niagara Falls and now back to reality and Central New York and home.

I hope you enjoyed the trip and my stories too?

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