Listening to your body...listening to the road.

I have a friend, Tom, who reads this blog, just recently ask me, "So, did you get your new juicer yet?"

And I realized that I hadn't followed up to that whole thing. So YES, I did get another new juicer, because frankly, I killed the last one.  Or it laid down its life for me in service...either way. ..It's history.
And it was a Black and Decker too! A name that I find to be synonomous with being rugged.

I am now the proud owner of a Cuisinart CJE-1000
 It's the most I think I've ever spent for a small appliance and I pray that it proves to be as awesome as it has been straight out of the gate. I've made several batches with this one already.
It's a lot more easy to clean than the B & D one.
Both bonuses in my opinion. And hopefully it will hang in there for the duration.

I'm trying to LISTEN to myself.

How does it go? Something like this:
I want something.
What does my body want? Really want?
Does it want to move? I try to move it, in gentle ways or aerobic ways, depending on what it needs.
Does it want Eat or Drink? Sometimes when you think you are hungry you are really thirsty.
If I am hungry, what does it want to eat?
Or am I craving something emotionally? If so, what would that be?
Do I really want to watch a movie? Or would a nap and blanket and book be better?

It's interesting, but because of the juicing ....I'm starting to think differently about things.
The juicing has led me (and Harry) to listen harder to our basic needs.
Personally, it has made me tune in to myself more. I'm trying to meditate several times a week.
We are eating way less crap. Even if Harry has a wild hair and gets the rare can of Pringles....he finds that the after math of eating them has a direct correlation to how he feels.

As a matter of fact, the less crap I eat (white flour, white sugar and processed foods, sodas, coffee, junk...) I find the less I crave it. We watched a movie called "Hungry for Change".
Click this link for info on the movie "Hungry for Change"
It's a great eye opener on what's in some of the food that we eat out there, that is promoted as being "good for you". It's not all that hot, lovies. Check it out.

Also this movie is right along the lines that Harry and I have been doing for years:
I highly recommend it. It's very much like how we view our spirituality and how the world seems to us sometimes.
Follow the Muse. Watch This Movie: "Jeff, Who Lives at Home"

I was talking to a friend of mine at church yesterday and we had the most interesting kindred chat. She had recently just injured her knee....the same injury that I suffered last summer. We commiserated on the pain and recuperation process. But more than that, she was a force for edification to me and my current level of spirituality and health insights. I'm on track with forces greater than myself.

I'm trying to follow the Universe and its leads.

I'm chatting with Harry about the direction of our Music and the future of Merry Mischief.

I will keep you posted.

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