Pirates and Minstrels in Paradise!

Last weekend of faire here in Fort Myers! We've had a most delicious time. Harry & I are still eating Vegetarian, and Vegan when possible.

And drinking whenever appropriate :)

Here's my Vegetarian Lasagna concoction....a big hit here!

There was so much fun, music and friends here at the faire that I think I'll just post a bunch of them here and you can see for yourself!


 We had such a blast playing at the Pub!
There is a table set with food and drink...

The Ales and Johnny Jump Up did flow!

 Hoppy the Barman played bass with us at our Pub Show...
Here is a great pic of our dear friends Ravyn and her grandson, Aiden!
 I had a lot of fun playing at the Pub with friends. Here is my bud, Cannibal Crispy playing his jaw harp with me

 Cannibal Chrispy had dropped his Jaw Harp in the Sour cream dip, licked it off....and kept playing! :) Here's the dip bowl.

Thought I'd show you that Miss Wisconsin came to our Pub Show!

 Will The Fiddler!!

 I LOVE this pic.
Note the SIGN.....
Note the Pirate :)

 Jay has the most wicked dry humor.
Evidently, he said something droll here...

 We shared the stage with The Harper & The Minstrel on our Joint 5:20pm Show
I love this pic and so does Abby!

 I love some of these pics that Dre' did some effects on!
 I ADORE singing and  playing with my dear friend Abby.........

 Harry is SO photogenic!                                                
This expression reminds me of a Ruebens painting of a Wicked Wench....
Merlyn spanked her Pirate friend, Rob for his 51st Birthday :)

 Harry and I have some new Garb!

 I really liked these guys. Their garb ROCKED.
 Have a little drink with us Hoppy!

This kid is "photobombing' and I think it's hysterical :)
 Bev had some cute garb too!
 Harry jamming at the Manna Booth!

 Jonathan and Wendyl drumming in action!

Merlyn in Paradise :)

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Mary Mc said...

Beautiful pics and beautiful friendships!