Juicy Sunsets, Sushi and Songs~

We are "Officially" on vacation! Monday morning found us leaving Cape Coral and cruising across Alligator Alley over to the other side of the state.

Harry, Donna and I had a great visit with my brother Gus and his family. We don't get to see them very often and it is so lovely to be able to do so!
My niece Jessica and her adorable boys, Adrian and Owen. They are all so gorgeous!
 Me and my Sister in law, Barb

 Gus and Barb~ Married for 40 years! :)

 Me and Gus
 Donna resting on the their very plush couch

After catching up and a small "Angry Birds" war with my Great Nephews Adrian and Owen, (with Harry and Gus retaliating in the tragic bird volley of toys back and forth with my little nephews) we said our goodbyes till next year and wound our way to Star and Mikals' house over in Coconut Creek.

It has a nice ring to it doesn't it? We had a date with the sunset (it's a tradition when Jay and Abby come down that they all watch the sunset together) and so we did too. It's nice to be barefoot and in short sleeves!
 The Sunset Crew~ Mikal, Merlyn, Star, Abby, Jay, Donna (Harry taking pic)
 Cutie Abby
This is JANUARY??? Wowsa.

We then went out to dinner at the Shinju Japanese Restaurant with all of us and Martyn Wylde (from Wylde Fyre and Celtic Mayhem) and his mate Joan.

It was fabulous food....again!!

Lots of amazing variety and the buffet is huge!

We are STUFFED!!

Then one more exquisite juicy moment is that after we got home, and were all settling in for a quiet evening's conversation with some Cranberry Cordial nightcap, we did a round robin song trade.
Well, when there are 5 Celtic musicians sitting around with a drink in your living room....that's a spontaneous happening. We passed around Martyn's guitar from minstrel to minstrel and each shared a song or two.
I love Martyn's voice. He has a beautiful tenor and sang some lovely ballads to warm our heart.

The last wee bit I'd like to share is this pic. It's our night's bed for the evening.
A comfy air mattress in "The Beer Room". As you can see, Star & Mikal are avid dark beer enthusiasts as seen by the collection of unopened ales in this side bedroom.

What are they thinking letting two minstrels stay in this room with unguarded beers??

Juicy indeed. :)

Off to Coral Castle and heading to the Keys today!!


Starwind Evensong said...

Eeeek! Now our secret Beer Room is out! ;-)

Ghost of Jacob Marley said...

Thanks for sending some of your warm weather back!