Ch-ch-ch-changes Update

Last year at this time, I started a book called "52 Small Changes" with my friend Lorie.

We were reading and doing the books' weekly health and lifestyle changes together. All was going well. We were supporting each other and doing great.

Then I savaged my knee by ripping the meniscus over the summer and was also diagnosed with a slipped disc in my lower back. I spent a couple of tense months with my leg up on ice whenever possible. Did gigs and faires on crutches or with walking sticks. Sat for most gigs. It was excruitiating to move, climb stairs or do my daily walking. With many, many visits to the Chiropractor (did I say many?) and doing daily exercises, I have been able to repair a lot of the damage I did to my knee. It's still healing. But at least I can walk and do stairs now without pain. The disc still gives me some problems, but I can also sit cross legged again on the floor and I couldn't do that at all for awhile.

My dear friend, Lorie had changes of her own about that time too. She got engaged, bought a house, moved and took a trip to Scotland. Busy, busy, busy!


Well....we fell off our wagon together at about the same time, due to life events.

But some very GOOD things happened too!

Life, for instance. I got myself into a great habit over the past few years of keeping a written record of my daily blood pressure and weight. In looking back to a year ago to today, I see that my blood pressure is still holding at an awesome level:

This morning's read was 92/70
Last years' read was 97/72.
Pretty damn good for NO medication after it being 150/90 before my eye surgery!

My weight is holding at the same damn spot. Set point. Check. Stalmate.
How'ere, under the circumstances, after several months of no activity for me, I feel that this is also pretty damn good!
See, I put on some pounds during my lay up...but they are gone now!
I can't seem to budge my weight much, but, like Popeye....

I yam what I yam.

I have also made the recent decision to go back to eating a vegetarian diet. Vegan sometimes, but mostly vegetarian if I can find dairy and eggs that are humanely raised.

I'm feeling really pretty great for it.
While the scale and measurements aren't making any drastic drops to my notice...

My rings are loose. I can't really wear them much lately.
Also I think I'm feeling firmer. Tightening up. I'm convinced that my "back fat" (ladies, you know the under the bra strap bulgies) is lessening.

Harry says I'm feeling awesome. But then again, he always says that...

All in all, I'm on the right track. Making the small daily changes still, every day.

Like trying to choose vegetarian stuff off restaurant menus, because I like it and I like the challenge.

Harry is also doing this with me! I'm FECKING AMAZED at it, personally.
He is liking it and is also loosing some weight too. Some union brother of his actually asked him if he lost weight the other day.

So it goes.

While it may be the "winter of our discontent"...

It's also that time of year....just about Imbolc.
the roots ARE growing in the ground, about to emerge....
changes are happening inside.

We are purging and detoxing...
out with the negative...
in with the positive.

Bad Chi Out.
Good Chi In.

I may not see or even feel them, but the changes are here.
Taking root.

Hopefully Spring will bring the bounty of beauty and a bloom of love and happiness again...
Sometimes it blooms in the darndest of places.

What good changes are you making in your life these days?

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