A Minstrel Awakening~ Juicy Morning TV

Hey Ho~
Juicing at the hotel room was a trip. I managed to make us a lovely batch of orange, apple, lemon ginger drink AND get it all cleaned up while Harry was in the shower! (No small feat that). We left our hotel room smelling of oranges and we got on the road with some coffee for the rest of the journey to Fort Myers.

We arrived at Dre' & Max's-in Cape Coral pretty much the same time that Jay & Abby did, which was really good timing! We had celebratory "We're Here" beers in their driveway while we waited for Dre to get home. We settled in for the night and played music and had a nice supper.

I went to bed but couldn't get to sleep. Just TOO wired. Also, it didn't help that Harry (being exhausted from driving) crashed and burned and started snoring loudly immediately. This did not help me get to sleep. I had set the alarm for "O Christ o'clock" (3:45am!!) for us to get up, dressed in garb (eeeek! THAT early???) to drive to the faire for promos for TV at 5am ('o dark thirty!)
However, I did not sleep at all last night.

Not a fecking WINK. Ugh. What with Harry snoring, I was too hot (Northern hot flash lady in Florida), and BONUS! I had played a new song in the evening, which turned into an ear-worm extraordinaire! All night long I had "Waltzing with Bears" in my head. The first thing Harry said in the morning, was lyrics to that song! As did Abby, which proved that the song made its' ear worm way through everyone's mind from the evening

3:45am was a relief to get up in one way, but torture in another with NO sleep. Jay, Abby, Harry & I met Carl Asch, Gary Mazzo at the faire and we played music for about 10 TV slots. It was PITCH black dark out when we got to the faire as we all stood in the pub, dressed in garb at 5AM. Eeeegad that's early.
Carl was in the same predicament as I was with no sleep, as he drove until about 3am to get there for the call. We hung out together in between takes and sort of draped on each other keeping up our spirits and keeping ourselves awake.

It was fun though. Weird and wonderful fun playing with friends at that hour of the day, mucking in. Emerys Fleet the Ratcatcher (Jim Greene) and Bob DaVinci (Ken Silkie) were also there with us as well as the Gypsy Jesters doing acrobatics and stilt walking. We were filmed by two TV stations and then when we were done at 8am, Harry, Abby and I went and set up our tent for our break room at the festival while we were there.

Terry, our faire director, took us all out for breakfast as a big Thank You which was really very nice of him.

It is now 11:15am and we all feel like we've had a full day of work!

Jay the "Self Proclaimed Media Whore" already found one of the many links for the spots we did~
Check out HOW DARK the background is (it's like 6:30am on this spot! :)

Fort Myer Kiwanis Faire on Wink TV! Click HERE to see us!

Other than this WILD morning with Minstrels before breakfast....

I'm doing really good on my Change of Eating Style....
Still juicing and eating a LOT more veggies and fruit and turning my metabolism into a more alkaline running machine. Currently, I'm trying to eliminate meat, eggs and dairy.
Yup. I'm back to being a Vegetarian again for now (like I was 35 years ago....)

The movie we watched ("Vegucated") really got through to me and Harry on a life changing basis. Now we are changing a lot of our choices on food because of it. I would highly recommend it! I'm feeling really very good and am losing some weight and feeling very light and have lots of energy!

In chatting with Jim Greene (Emerys) and Carl (Giacomo) and Ken (Bobba DaVinci) at breakfast we all agreed on so many things!
One of which, is as minstrels and performers, taking care of our health is of utmost importance to us.
Most of us entertainers don't have insurance. (i.e. "We can't afford to get sick") so we compared our eating styles and found we are all on the same page.

Will chat again Sooooooon!

Hugs from Sunny and HOT Florida!

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