I've got a gal and her name is Sal....

Got invited to participate in the The Folklore Society and the Erie Canal Museum's Symposium yesterday and today.

Very interesting to be on panels of discussion and performance for this subject matter! Met other singers, musicians, actors and history buffs!

We performed an interesting program on "Through the Eyes of a Canal Cook".  We were on a panel with someone from the Smithsonian and also a fun actress who was a dirty old cook :) No really. That's her character! :)
Here's Lisa from the NY Folklore Society and Dave Ruch, a folk and traditional musicologist, getting roped into her fun show.

We also snuck away for a bit and took some time on the packet boat....
What do you think of these pics?

Here's the composition of a woman going through the baby years alone with many worries on her mind.....

 I found the necessary!

I even got my old job back as a pub wench.  Care for a drink? I'm pourin'. :)
Ya hungry?

After Harry found the jug, he had a good time too!

It was lots of fun with all kinds of musicologists, folklorists and interesting tall tales!
Swedish music on the canal~
Lot of instruments chatted about and brought forth to make music and otherwise hobnob and schmooze (As the Great Oz would say:)

It was thirst quenching to absorb so much "edu-tainment"

Hope your day was a grand one too, full of music, kind folks and garb and learning!

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