Poem~ Venus & The Sailor~ Mag 135

Venus & The Sailor    
(painting/ Salvador Dali, 1925)

Aye, she were a sight
like a Goddess steppin' lightly upon the earth
me watery feet an' body still swayin' from the waves
she rocked me
rocked me sweet and gentle-like
rocked me wild and hard like the tempest she were
I clung for me life
me heart pitchin' and swirlin'
feet skitterin on the deck
then the wave came o'er the side
and I were done
and she were gone
and it were calm again
A 1000 days at sea
to no avail.....
I search for her still.
would that I had kept her that night
that foamy sea tossed ee'en
when she stepped upon me rails


Berowne said...

Quite a story - well done.

Helen said...

Utterly delightful ........

Tess Kincaid said...

Nicely done...I like the dialect too...

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Love this take of the picture!