Small Changes Update~ Big Changes within

Hey Ho~

Betcha been wondering how I've been doing on the Small Changes book program that I've been doing with my gal pal Lorie O as I haven't blogged about it for over a month.

In that month's time, I'll admit I've taken a hiatus, as I have been diagnosed with a slipped disc. Yah. I've been a bit on the miserable side, so I've been concentrating on this major concern in my day to day life.

In fact, I blame a bit of a backslide back into bad habits because of the pain. I started drinking a little more regular and ate what I wanted to "medicate" me. Not a good idea, I know, but at the time, it seemed comforting.

What I did that has been very good for me though, on the good side are these things:

1) I started Chiropractic treatments back up with a great new doctor.  He took x-rays and knows my condition precisely.

2) I am being aggressive with the treatments (going 2x a week during ren faire season. Being a ren minstrel can be a physically demanding job with the terrain, garb, heat and activity level and daily parades over hill and dale).

3) I've started back on trying to eat a more Alkaline diet. An acid diet breeds cancer and ills. An Alkaline diet reduces inflammation. (and aside from the occasional alcoholic beverage...I'm doing quite well with this and feeling better and enjoying and approving of what I eat more so).

4) I'm taking some ME time every week. I'm spending some time away from Squirrel Haven up at a friends' cottage on Lake Ontario from time to time and organizing my writings. I'm getting out with a friend here or there and doing something I want to do....not just what I feel I have to do. The mental kick from this time alone is awesome.

5) I've added back some Yoga exercises- not to lose weight- but to move my spine in particular ways.
This amounts to 2 slots of time (am and evening) of 4 sets of 12 of abdominal crunches. 4 slow leg drops on my back, 4 "thread the needle" poses, 4 spinal twists, and 4 "bridge poses" as well as a couple of bow poses and cobras. Backward bends are also helpful to open up that area of my back that's at issue and forcing some movement in the opposite direction of the disc problem. 4 Cat to Cow poses (heavy on the cow, minimal cat) are also helping.

6) I'm on ice. A LOT. 20 minutes at a stretch. I love my brick ice. You know when I first started using it, I couldn't even feel it on the spot, that's how much damage there was. Starting to feel it and crave the ice when I get bad.

7) been continuing to walk the dog, and had lots of strenuous (and difficult terrain) at the faire with parades. It's fecking rugged with the condition, but I am pushing myself to keep going. I also "lightened my load" with the lessening of a couple items on my faire belt. I was/am carrying a lot of weight on my hips with belts, pouches, constant guitar weight and bodhran.

8) I am starting to try to change my concept of aging. I am projecting being a kewl, older, sexy hot, smart, saavy, involved, loving, fit, hippy, patchouli wearing, song singing woman. It helps. I may even buy some Birkenstocks :)

And den?

I've been doing this for about 1 month of doctor visits and 2 weeks of specific exercises and I actually had about 10 minutes today where I felt like I had no issues! Usually I carry the pain, or some niggling reference point with me at all times.

So, needless to say that my 52 Small Changes have been put on the back burner, altho, I am still trying to take my vitamin, get lots of water daily (64 oz) and get some really good sleep (altho a bit hard with this heat...).

I'm hanging in there.

Doing back bends and thinking good thoughts.

How are you doing out there?

Talk to Merlyn.


MissLorieO said...

Glad you're hanging in there. I'm doing about the same as you. :)
With all the big changes in my life, I have put the small changes on hold. Like you, I am trying to keep up wit the ones I have started, especially the water and vitamins and sleep.
We can hang in there together just as well as we forge ahead together! :)

Abby's Blog-Tales of a wandering Minstrel said...

glad that you are getting chiro help...yeah someday I'll lighten my belt too-after I build some sort of conostoga wagon to haul all those instruments! At least you don't have to carry a basket at Sterling...
I am also trying to come to grips with my age...and the accompanying varicose veins that keep popping up. Perhaps I'll get them all tatooed?

Mary Mc said...

Back problems are no stranger to me so I can totally empathize. LOVE your way of dealing with it! Have reduced the stuff on me renn belt as well, hadn't really thought much about the benefits to my back, was more about comfort! Ya see, I too am embracing my Crone years...the Renn attire I have that was sexy and alluring...doesn't get worn anymore. (Course, if I did wear it, it would no longer have that effect!) ;)