Week 15 of 52~ Whole Grains and Wholeness

Hey Ho....

A couple weeks have slipped by and so have I. Yah, I've slipped up a bit. While some of the "small changes" have been coming easy, others have not.

I still can't remember my damn vitamin.
I ate quite a lot of shite over my birthday/Memorial weekend (ice cream, chips, dip....etc)
and I didn't do much of the "green" cleaning....

Altho, in my defense:

*I am trying to get other parts of my life in order.

*I am standing up for myself more and backing down less.

*I have detached from an addictive friendship that was bad for me.

* I have added some new elements of music to my life, I'm trying to be a forgiving person, and I'm thinking on how to rewrite my memoir that I wrote last fall....

*I find that when I do have a glass of wine or two...or a shot of tequila or two...they affect me a lot more which means my tolerance is down and that is a good thing.

This week's "Small Change" is to add "Whole Grains" to my diet more. 

I have cooked with whole grains a lot in my life....but there, too, I have neglected to keep it in my diet on a regular basis. I used to cook with wheatberries and corn and rice and oats much more than I do now. I used to bake bread for my family every week. And not with the ease of a bread maker either. I was the bread makere!
I did cook with rice twice this week tho' and will add more grains to my shopping list when I get to the store next. Maybe I will even try to figure out what to cook with that Quinoa I have in my cupboard today. I've heard good things about it, but I've also heard that some folks don't like it. I will find out for myself.

It's all about being WHOLE.

When you separate the wheat from the chaff you get the whole grain or berry. Which is good. In life you should do this too. To separate the good from the fluff or the non-essential.

How'ere, when you separate the grain from itself, taking only some parts of it, discarding others, you destroy the goodness of the grain. We have done this when we eat enriched foods, white flour, white rice and so on. You don't get the total benefit of the grain when it is not complete.

We do this on a different level when also separate some of the good out of our lives, and add things that "fill" the difference. We can live on what's left, but we aren't as healthy for it.

I feel kinda bad that I've backslidden...and I realize that when upset I do stress eat or drink. In this way, I've not been living a "whole" life. I'm on Facebook too much. It's not what's real. I know I connect with people and fans on it, and I pride myself on being approachable....but I need to do other things more.
I nag my husband to clean, when I want/need change, but I am not willing to do it for him anymore. I stress over problems and worry too much sometimes about the past but am sometimes unwilling or unable to get a grip on the future.

In some ways, it's the same thing as eating enriched bread. We think we are feeding ourselves right, but we are not doing a good job of it. Worry and nagging does not make you healthy either, but it does feed you in a way and occupy your time. You are getting something out of it, but it isn't the healthiest of emotional diets. Facebook may be fun for you and your friends, but it does not feed you like walking in the sunshine or visiting with friends does. Watching a movie or playing a video game is not as nourishing as some quiet time with a book or a nap.

I have some big stressers in my life, and while I try to fix them, in big or small ways, I find that I also "medicate" myself with food or drink. Not good. But I know I've always done it.
Knowing these things is a good thing....but making the small changes when I wanted big changes is hard and tedious, but I shall endeavor to go on...

I shall try to get some real substance help for the others, like mediation for a stalemate situation in my relationship so that we can go forward fairly with each other. By getting together with real friends in person and by disengaging from some of the other addictive activities in my life that do not really serve me. I am blocking some destructive forces and letting in the sunshine or rain and music.

I shall start by having Oatmeal for breakfast.

 Have a good week.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post for so many reasons.

Be careful to rinse your quinoa really well. I like to do a pilaf of chopped sauteed vegetable and quinoa cooked in broth....sometimes I add a little hot turkey sausage to spice it up. Great stuff, and it reheats well for breakfast.