Laugh Out Loud~ Week 16 of 52

Laugh. It's GOOD for you.

This week's exercise in the book I'm following this year "52 Small Changes: A Year to a Healthier, Happier You" is to "LAUGH OUT LOUD."

Or ....

LOL as you might know it more readily.

When we laugh, a good belly laugh, it releases endorphines that help with health and healing. This week's note is to encourage laughter daily in our lives, and to help others to laugh as well.

Lighten up! Live a little!

Make yourself laugh. Listen to your own laughter! Enjoy the way others' laughter sounds!

I've always had a pretty good sense of humor and have made milk come out other people's noses on occasion. My daughter Jesse has a wicked funny sense of humor.  She always can make me laugh!
How could she not? She was blessed with two wicked funny parents. She has me with my randy wit and her father, David's silly potty humor. David and I are still great friends, and we stayed together for 17 years because we laughed so much.

Ask my kids, "Did your father ever fart on your head?"

"Why yes, why do you ask?" might be their accurate response.

My daughter Shawna, who has Down's Syndrome, loves life and also loves to eat saucepan beans.
They are one of her favorite things! In response to my question about what she'd like for dinner, she said,      "Me want beans".
I said to her in jest, "But Shawna, beans give you gas!"
And she said in honest appreciation, "Yah, me love gas. Make me laugh".

And yes, while we are on the subject,  everyone, even Sheldon on Big Bang Theory enjoys an occasional whoopie cushion blast. Really, I think farting is the one thing that can make me laugh the easiest.

It all harkens back in my memory to my childhood, early morning, mother and father sitting in the country kitchen, having breakfast quietly, and then one of them, (I'm not sure who) would rip one on the seat of the old oak chair. Nothing like some good quality wood resonance to really give it a mellow tone.

Sometimes I make me laugh :)

Of course, timing and discretion are everything.

One of my boyfriends once told me, "Girls don't fart."
I proved him very wrong.

"First Farts"
As a matter of fact, once in the beginning of my romance with my husband Wayne, after a grand lovemaking session, I got up, naked and walked to the bathroom, but stopped at the door...I looked back at my handsome, very relaxed and yet very new lover, and I looked at him and said, "Wayne?"
He looked at me lovingly and said, "Yes honey?"
I said (feeling the pressure of some gas in my belly), "There's something I've been meaning to tell you."
"What's that?"
(insert a very loud fart sound here).
It made our relationship grow from there.

Once my daughter farted in front of her boyfriend for the very time and ripped a horrendous sound to his very shocked ears. His response? "We're gonna stay together forever!"

There are also the fire and water stories about flatulation:

Fire Farts
For instance, (sorry Dave, but I have to :) there is the wonder and amazement of seeing someone light a fart. Have you ever seen this amazing feat? Usually it's when everyone has been drinking, and some fellow (I truly have never ever seen a female do this....) would feel the building pressure in his belly and then say excitedly, "HEY! Somebody have a lighter???QUICK???!"
A lighter would be magically produced, the man would drop down to the floor, lie on his back, with knees raised to "get into the position", while holding the lighter poised between his legs,  and precisely at just at the right moment of air expulsion, would bravely flick the bic.

Flame throwers of poi would be proud.

I would, at this point, caution the flame thrower, to always be DRESSED. For there was that one time, when my first husband, naked from the shower, decided to do this herculean feat while naked. NOT ADVISED. It took a week for his ass hair to grow back. But it also took us a week to stop laughing about it.

I would also advise those interested in this particular art form, to make sure you have a really good bit of air built up. Because, from my viewer observation, a seeping fart will just lightly dance on the fabric of the crotch and just burn a hole. You need serious methane to do this trick.

So much for fire....

Water Bubbles

Water is also fun. I don't know of any kid who hasn't played in the warm wet, drained bath tub making fart sounds for fun, by lifting sticky wet limbs or arching back on the tub. Hysterical laughter is guaranteed.

For that fact, even grownups, in a bath, can still make themselves amused by farting in a tub full of water.
Especially fun in an upstairs tub with company downstairs. Water amplifies sound and anyone can be a thunderous achiever in this realm.

So, have a good laugh at life and take yourself lightly....

and for heaven's sake....

fart in the tub and laugh :)

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