Week 8 of 52: "Eat Your Vegetables"

How are you doing on your "Small Changes" for your health?

I'm doing ok....
*Managing the walking, sleeping and water as best as I can in the proportions I need.
*Most days I am remembering my multivitamin...
*Have tried doing the "kick your shoes off" thing here, but it's mostly a bust with family and company coming in....oh well....C'est la vie!

This Week's Small Change?

Eat 4-6 servings of Veggies a day~

While I do eat lots of veggies, do I eat this many servings a day?
Some days.
I used to be a Vegetarian. Enjoyed it a lot, but my canine teeth got lonely.

So, this week, I will strive to make at least one dinner meal a week totally veggie, and will try to make most lunches salads.

I am SO in love with this salad I've been making lately!
Dark mixed greens
Sprinkling of Feta or Blue Cheese
a few Banana Pepper Rings
and Lite Ceasar dressing.

OH MY. Delish!! I could eat it every day!!

And also for this next challenge.....
I promise I will also buy one incredibly weird vegetable at Wegman's, that I've never tried before and figure out how to cook it and eat it.

These look interesting....

Purple Okinawa Sweet Potato...
Romanesque Broccoli....
Will let you know.

If you don't hear from me next week....

ah, ask the Coroner what was the last thing I ate....
and ah...don't eat that. :)

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NJ said...

Been doing great with the small changes so far, could stand more water a day though. Looking forward to the veggies!!