Week 7 of 52: Keep the Outside...outside...

Hope your doing well on your Healthy Quest!
I'm hanging in there~

The hardest thing for me so far is to remember to take my damn multivitamin.
I even washed it down late in the evening last week once with rum.
But I remembered!
That counts, right? :)

This week's wee small change is something simple, logical, helpful and healthful...and elusive.
It is to keep the outside outside.

By keeping the outside out, germs and bacteria and dirt do not come in to make us sick and it helps to keep the dust down, lessening the possibility for colds, allergies and asthma!

I mean, the Japanese and Asian people have long adopted this healthy habit, so as not to bring dirt and sickness to their tatami mats on which they sleep. Seems logical.

While "nice in theory" (as my husband says...who doesn't always like implementing new things) it may be a bit harder....

Like a real Magicians' trick here at Squirrel Haven!

My front door opens right into my front living room carpeting (which is looking distressed and ragged even tho' we've tried fixing the threshold several times). There is no "mud room" to act as a break for the weather. To my credit...I have always wanted to cut away the rug and put down some lineoleum there for a buffer for my poor carpeting!
But it's just one of those "to do" wish list jobs.

We have a lot of company and while most folks take off their shoes without being asked or prompted...sometimes they don't....
and I never wanted to give an order first thing upon their entrance to the house to "Take your shoes off!"

So in thinking about a solution....
I may just put a wee sign up on the front door...
"Please get comfy and take off your shoes and stay awhile"

I also like this poem I found~
Or how about this one?
"Life is made up of choices.. take off your shoes or shampoo the rug" :)

Taking off my footwear is never a real problem for me, as I am almost always barefoot or sock footed (much to Harry's chagrin, he's always so worried that I'll step on something and hurt myself)...
so getting me to take off my shoes is never an issue... getting me to keep them ON... IS.

Harry on the other hand, was trained to never go barefoot...so will have to work on that.

I know!!

I forsee a NEW pair of slippers for Harry!

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