The Nest

Mag 111
image: ParkeHarrison

He had been accused
of not putting down roots
and being sort of fly by night

So in a call and response
Peter built a nest

He started small
not wanting to foul it

As he had before

Just a wee small space
to call his very own

A frugal place for a Scot

Wi' his tings aboot him.

This poem was written in participation with Magpie Tales...Linka place for poets, wordsmiths & wonderers
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Brian Miller said...

heh it is a rather small place...maybe a good first step in settling down you know...smiles...

hyperCRYPTICal said...

It is wise to start small...

Anna :o]

Wayne Pitchko said...

well done...thanks for sharing your words

Kutamun said...

A mighty fine concept, Pete

Sue said...

"He started small
not wanting to foul it"

Sounds like a good way to begin...


Helen said...

... and the last two lines, the perfect way to end it!