Composite Me

 You know, I've always dreamed, made goals, plans, to do lists, counted calories,
did the "I shoulds" for the most part...

But maybe I've been doing things like that and it's been the wrong way.

Maybe I should hold a different image of myself.

What would I wish to be?

They say in society we can be whatever image we want to be.

My life has come to some conclusions.
College, marriages, kids, home, career. All somewhat accomplished and in my back pocket.

What now?

My wishes include: travel, a kick ass body, money, love, lust, fantasy and fame. Oh, and adoring fans too :)


What would this Vixen look like?
Well, she'd look like ME, only UBER me, more svelte, more tan and with longer hair.
 (and a friend recently said, "There is no one shorter than you." :(

What would this ideal Vixen act like?
Well, for starters, she'd be more immune to assholes and bullshit, she'd suffer no fools, she'd be sensible, down to earth, emotionally in control of herself, content with what life has given her, yet still up for adventure and FUN.   

Sort of cross between:
Me, Loreena McKennitt, Madonna, Candace Night, Janis Joplin, Mary Magdalene....and Rita Rudner :)
 Aside from the part where I need: money, a full time counselor, a life coach, personal trainer, fashion consultant. chiropractor, personal massage therapist, dance instructor and agent.....

I think it is doable

I think I will attempt to put this image out there for me to follow as a beacon.
 OH Naughty, Naughty Zoot.....

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