A mini trip to the Orient

Magic this day found us in the form of relationships!

Harry & I drove across the dragon path of Alligator Alley to the Coconut Grove area and we arrived to see my brother Gus and outlaw Barb :) Also saw my niece Jessica and got to meet her sons (my great nephews!) for the first time! A wonderful visit with them.

Chatting about our wonderful father (who shares a birthday with Gus) on a day close to the anniversary of our dad's passing, really made us feel that dad was with us. We chatted about memories and influences from our childhoods. I got a new shot in the arm from Gus about my writings and will be working some more on a direction for my special blog I've been sharing with only a few. :)
It's so good to meet up and it was truly heart filling for me to be with them. We played some music for the boys (who were uncharacteristically shy we heard). We so enjoyed chatting with them, and soaking them up.

 We look forward to seeing them again next time we are down this way.
You see...
For...Magically speaking, we "were in the neighborhood" so to speak...even being 1500 miles from our shire!

We said our goodbyes and drove only a few miles farther (surprising coincidence) to arrive at Star & Mikal's and visit with them and Jay & Abby for an overnight there.

You see....Merlyn had a plan. I heard that we all had a similiar piece of apparel in our belongings and decided to all wear it to go out to a MAGICAL dinner that Star & Mikal recommended at "Shinju Japanese Sushi Buffet"!
This restaurant was phenomenal! We don't have anything like this kind of delicacy much up by us. I told Abby that I knew really nothing about the cuisine, so could I tag her and have her teach me the ropes. She surely did!
 I got a plate at the gorgeous looking spread of sushi, sushimi and salads made of seaweed. It was amazing. Abby had a pair of tongs in front of me and picked out many wild and delicious looking rolls of this or that. Slices of raw fish from the deep sea and topped it with Wasabi and dipped in soy sauce was mouth watering! We all were in heaven and making Winnie the Poo "yummy sounding hums" as we relished in the company and the atmosphere! Hot tea, pickled ginger, wasabi and so many beautiful delights on our plates! Harry wasn't sure he was going to like it, but he surely did!
Here's some extra fun~
As we were leaving with bellies full from treats from the Far Orient....we asked a hostess to take our group picture there. This beautiful Japanese lady happily agreed to help us, and as she was focusing our camera on this fun motley crew, with the camera's magic eye, she stopped...looked at us and said with a surprised smile,

"Oh! You all same shirt!"
And it amused her as much as it did us :)
 The morning light found Abby, Jay, Harry & I playing music before breakfast all in our jammies. We worked out several pieces of delightful music with them. We all wish we lived closer to each other to work up more! We figured out "Nonesuch" and also a haunting dirge called "Saint James Hospital". (no, not "St. James Infirmary"...that is the later version.)

They spoiled us all with a MOST delicious brunch of bagels, cream cheese, lox and capers and french press coffee! YUM!
We thanked Star & Mikal ....

Took off and made it 5 hours drive later to Ravyn's house up in Gulfport.
 Our car is making the trip, a little complaining, but so far so good. Our "horse" on this journey shivers and shakes occasionally if we push it and it has a new infrequent grinding sound when you turn the front wheel. How'ere, we are far from home, know no reputable garages and we are still motivating....so we will try to keep the miles going forward, carefully so and pray to the Gods and hope for the best.  

Pulling into port with a familiar family tie...yet far from home.
Food from the exotic Orient.
Magic Music before breakfast.
A faithful steed.
Kindred spirits~ both friends & family.

As I said.....

a Magical Adventure!!

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