Mag 98

I thought of you here this day

The geese honked so wildly above as they flew south.

It's quieter now.

So calm. 

So clean.


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Teresa said...

I love your poem. So wistful and calm at the same time. Perfect for the picture.

Taylor Boomer said...

love it,

sweet message sent,
happy 2012.

Emily said...

What a beautiful sweet poem! It reminds me of William Carlos Williams - one of my favorites.

Merlyn said...

Thank you all! :) Happy New Year to you, my new skainmates! Hugs Merlyn

Kim Nelson said...

Sign of a good write? The reader immediately has questions. I did. This is.

Caty said...

very calm indeed

Helen said...

Yes, simple ... fresh ... a wonderful read!

Jeannette, said...

succinct! i love it!