What's in a dream?

Hey ho my enchanted ones~

Today is my Dreams/Learn/Practice Day....
and so, I woke up with many dreams to decipher!
I love Dream Analysis, always have and enjoy helping others with it as well.

What's in a dream?

Well, it all depends what's going on in your life.
Some people swear that they don't remember their dreams, and that may be true, especially if they don't have enough Vitamin B in their diet. Also, the reason people don't remember their dreams, is because they don't want to. We, as spiritual beings, teach ourselves, and try to work out things in our dreams.

Lately, I have been going to sleep asking my Higher Self, to give me answers to certain questions. Or I may ask my Inner Enchantress to send me some information. I believe that we even "walk" in our dreams to other places, far off lands or into others homes. The spiritual plane has no boundaries.

Most interesting to note to me today....are NUMBERS.
I awoke at 3:33am....and again at 5:33am.
I had the number 17 in my dream very well displayed.

So I thought I'd tackle these numbers, as they do reoccur in my life.
Also I sometimes get some other numbers repeated, but for today I thought I'd do some research and share with you what I found out.

(I LOVE to research things too, by the way)

Here's what I found:

Numbers come to us through the Angels. 
They talk to us in our dreams and waking moments with numbers.
Do you often see the clock read a certain time? Say 11:11? Or 2:22? 

These are significant.

I researched these numbers today. Here are some of the results:

Angels testify with your thoughts. Truth. Sign of the number 3 or Trinity. Gain control over your mind, body and spirit. Transition, change, travel. To awaken physically and spiritually. 
Ascended Masters are near you, to let you know tyou have their help, love companionship. Call upon them often: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin. They agree with your thoughts and feelings and give you a cosmic YES to your questions and ideas. You are close to something BIG. You are on your path.

Ascended Masters want to prepare you for a big life change that is imminent. These life changes on the way will be of long term benefit to you and are in alignment with your Divine Pourpose and Sould mission. Auspicious opportunities.

New beginnings, ambition and success. Inner strength, persistance, knowledge, wisdom and truth. You are on the right path in your life's journey.

This is just a bit of all the gathered information out there.

So my Wizard Friends and Enchantress Sisters, I ask you this day to ponder your dreams, and note NUMBERS and their meaning to you.
Sometimes we can get information from dream dictionaries, and sometimes the best translation comes from within US.  WE are the best one to tell ourselves what we need....if we can only just LISTEN.

Don't be afraid to DREAM. 

And while you are at it....
if you get a lot of numbers...repeatedly...

You may want to buy a lottery ticket :)


Diana Baretsky said...

Hey ho, fellow enchantress, its been a while since I've posted. Various reasons. Holiday feasting, helping a friend deal with her father's death, making huge lists of gifties for all my favorite loved ones. But the biggest reason I haven't posted lately is that, after reading "How to Starve A Vampire" I was just left with a deer-in-the-headlights look on my face. You weren't kidding when you said our quests may be a bit similar. It was like reading a page out of my own life. To say it took me aback, would be putting it mildly. I needed time to weigh, digest, and hopefully learn from you.

I congratulate you on slaying your dragon, and burying it in the backyard. You have a very healthy way of thinking about your situation, and I envy you that. Your entries in the quest have reminded me of something a concerned doctor told me. In the hospital. Where I ended up, after my last battle with my dragon. Where hopefully I'll never end up again. This doctor, after listening to my story, asked me "do you want another scary trip in an ambulance, ending in a bed like this with folks poking and prodding you?" When I said no, he gave me some advice. He told me to picture in my mind's eye, a high brick wall, clear up to the sky. And picture the dragon on the other side of the wall, totally unable to scale that wall. Further, I should picture myself being happy, making a lovely garden filled with flowers and sunshine on my side of the fence. He said if I could do that, I'd have some measure of peace. Good advice, and I do try to follow it as well as I can.

Trouble is, dragons continue to act like dragons. In trying to be serene and peaceful on my side of the fence, I have lost my friends. This dragon is a "storyteller". This dragon spews much worse than fire. Since my peace of mind is important, I have done nothing to refute what the dragon spews. And so, as a result, I have lost my friends, and my drum corps. (My husband and I are co-founders of a wonderful fife and drum corps. I named it, he made the drums, we had something we were proud of, to belong to.) All our friends were in it. When it became clear the dragon would not back away, we felt compelled to leave.

So I am left with my peace of mind,and pride in having taken the highroad. But our drums are in the attic, and we can only communicate with our corpsmates and friends thru facebook and email. We were invited to a holiday gathering, and looking forward to it with much joy, when the dragon heard about it and decided to attend. Needless to say, we stayed home. I know how cowardly this sounds, but certain loyal souls have reported what the dragon has said about us. Without us being there, all they newbies in the corps are believing the "dragon spewings", and so walking into the wednesday night practices, and joining in the jam isn't an option.

I am continuing my personal quest to keep my mind off things that I haven't the courage to change. I realize now that this dragon wouldn't know the truth, or how to tell it, even if it wanted to. Which apparently it doesn't. I'm also attempting, in a non-confrontational way, to re-connect with folks in the corps that believed the dragonspew. And lastly, I'm trying to make new friends. Not easy, I'm not the friendliest kid in the sandbox, but I'm giving it a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. :)

Merlyn said...

Good for you. You do what you think is best. But I tell you now, that these spit spewing dragons aren't fooling anyone. You may want to go one day, just ignore his presence. Dragons love attention...even negative attention. Giving him NO attention is best. Go enjoy your drum corps events sometime in the future, when you are strong and as someone told me..."dragons are just like glass, you can see thru them quite easily".

And so can everyone else. I'm glad my stories help you. I DO like to help people. I will continue to do so, even so. I am not afraid. I loved. I gave. I was honest and upfront. Those ARE good things. Karma is a bitch and will catch up with these monsters. Wait for it and be glad. Do a spell of banishment. I will send it to you with lots of Love and Hugs from your Sister Enchantress, Merlyn