StoryBook Club ONE YEAR OLD!

Hey Ho Storycologists!
Last night was the 1 YEAR Anniversary of our StoryBook Club!!!
In the past year of fun, food and frivolity (oh I do love f words :)
we have studied the following themes!

Dec. 2010     Hansel & Gretel (we tried to meet 3x due to snow storms!)
Jan. 2011      Little Red Riding Hood and also The Snow Queen 
(so she would leave us ALONE with no more snow storms...)
 Feb.             Baba Yaga
 March           Finn McCool
 April            Beatrix Potter
May            Faery Stories
 June            Dragons
July             Vampires
 August         Werewolves
September    Frankenstein
 October        The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
 November     Zombies
 December     The Golem
Last night we studied "The Golem" It was indeed a most interesting and new tale for some of us. 
We learned that:

Man (like God) creates creature for a purpose.
Creature has no conscience.
Creature develops conscience and/or Creature runs amok. 
 Creature fulfills purpose  
Man takes away creatures existence.

We are not sure how a creature w/o a conscience develops one...unless it is sort of "Nature vs. Nurture"....

All very interesting and was the precursor to Frankenstein in many ways. Adam was a Golem. So was The Gingerbread Man. Computers are on the make to be a Golem. "Gollum" in Lord of the Rings name is an anagram of "Golems" (Smegol) 

Stephanie (our resident expert in all things Jewish) told us many tales of her family and the culture and she said we did right well on the food, table and centerpieces!
And such a table it was...Right?
Of COURSE, right! :)

 Such yummy do food USUAL for this creative group!
There was Jewish Apple Cake, Bagels/Lox/Cream Cheese/Rubens/
Broccoli Casserole, Chocolate, Wine, Gingerbread men (another golem!)
And there was "Fiddler on the Roof" for dessert! (and much rejoicing and kvetching was done! :)

Next Month's THEME?
Why TROLLS...of course!
I will find the newish release "The Troll Hunter" for this!
(It was pretty good in a documentary sort of way :)
And as far as food goes?
Well, trolls eat about the same as people...
with the exception of the eating people part...and porridge as well....
so I leave it to our creative group member to their own creativity where food ideas go!
Until then....

Happy Trolling for Stories!
Merlyn (who feels like a troll today....)


Lynnie said...

I am sorry I couldn't be there and yet, you know how things happen for a reason? I told Mark early in the day that I felt off and had this sense of the world not being right, then the headache hit. I found out this morning that if I had have gone, I would have driven right through a tremendous tragedy in our community on the way home (a 15 year old that my son knew set his house on fire, with his family in it, killing 3 members one of which my son knew). I needed to be home and not caught up in that. Universe knew and kept me home.

I am so glad things went so well. I do love that story.
I have the perfect book for trolls next month! :)

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

A goodly years work! I'm writing a chapter for an anthology on Faerie Queens. I'll share it with you when I get it done.

Diana Baretsky said...

What an awesome accomplishment! I wish you another year (and more) of wonderful evenings filled with food, fun and stimulating conversations with friends! Cheers!