Zombie Rule #32: Enjoy the little things :)

Yesterday went well, enjoyed a very fun open mic with friends from near and far, sang some really fun songs ("Love Potion # 9", and "The Monster Mash" :) and my friend Darlene, said that our Merry Mischief version of the Monster Mash was the best she's ever heard! Someone else said, "You have the perfect voice to mimic Boris Karloff".

And I thought everyone was going to think I was queer....but I did it anyways.
I'm glad I'm so silly and have fun friends I can be weird with :)

I finished a good 2 day fast. Only liquids.
I feel a bit more focused and stronger in several ways.
I really needed to spend some time on ME. :)
After all the surgeries, stress, pain, worry, anitbiotics, alcohol, Advil, tylenol and stuff,
I needed to detox.

(read: "God Bless My Liver" :)


Re: The new story I've been pondering......
I was even able to compose a letter to some select people and sent it, regarding the story I will be writing. I was just letting them know that they are, and why they are on this hand picked list of people.
They are people whom I wish to include in the telling of this next story.

So that was a good start in the right direction.

I also actually started work on the foundation bit of the story too...wrote many things and dug into my memories and came up with some gold.....and made some pretty accurate great headway.
I will proof it and send the first chapter, today, maybe.

Took a lovely long walk and talk with my friend, Lori Williams, she came all the way from Buffalo, for our open mic, and we are enjoying spending some time together. It's a nice soft day.

I also had a dream I shoved a really, large, whipped creme pie in someone's face.

when I thought about who it was....
I feel it was well deserved.
That was a sweet thought....

And it made me happy :)

So, folks, "Enjoy the little things".

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