Wizard's Duel

Did I ever tell you of the time that I got lured into a "Wizard's Duel" with a Warlock?


Well, this is a true story.
About 15 years ago, I drove to Kuntztown, Pa to do a "Mini-Renaissance Faire".
I was going to do my Tarot card readings. I got up very early, packed my car, drove me, myself and I all the way there, unpacked my booth, set it up, got dressed in costuming and was "ready to read" at 10am.

Pretty good, huh? And I looked cute too :)
My booth was blue and white with pennants flying. I was fetching in a cream colored low cut lace gown with a cute and snug wee bodice. (Can't fit into either of them now, but I still have them :)
I was outgoing, kind and full of smiles and info to the passing faire goer. I got bites on my reads, and gave out some really good and fun help. In my heart, I was glad. All over sort of glad.

Across the way, there was also another reading booth. It was a dark booth, and there were 2 men in dark hoods and garb. They were giving "Dragon Readings". There was also a wench working with them as front person.

I waved across once or twice, but didn't get much of a response. I continued with my day, until I needed a break to walk around and stretch my legs. I stopped at the other card booth on my path past them. I was cordial, they were ....um....not.
I went on my way.

Later on that day, the wench that worked at that booth, came over to my booth and said, "Man I need to get out of that booth. They are miserable warlocks. And you are doing so well over here."

I then saw the one main guy approaching me. He said, "I challenge you to a duel".

I laughed. "A duel? You are joking, right?"  Well, no, he wasn't.

So we faced off....he showed me how. 50 paces apart. Your magick arm outstretched towards your opponent. Then when the cue was to be given you directed your power towards the other.

And so we did. I looked at this guy, caught in his anger and hate, and I just gave LOVE. Lots and lots and lots of it. He, how'ere, directed a negative energy towards me. This went on and on. I was not tiring, howere, he started looking peckish. Until finally, the referee called it. "That's enough you two!".

I guessed I'd won. He sort of went away dejectedly and was so miserable that he didn't get any readings for the rest of the day. He probably lost money on the day.

I had a great day, made money and closed up shop early for the drive home.

This proves a point to me, that it IS good to be giving, loving, generous, spiritual, happy, independant, honest with others and trusting. 
What people do with what they are given, is on them. 
What we do comes back to us.

If that warlock had just opened up to receiving the good, instead of misconstruing the incoming power as negative...he would have been bolstered, edified, would have grown. Instead of mustering all his negativity and throwing it against a big soft squishy hug only to bounce off.
He was powerless to come out ahead, as is negativity in the face of love.
Instead of coming at me as competition for a fight for who's the best,....
he should've joined forces as an ally and made his circle bigger, instead of smaller.

The sad thing is?

He didn't learn a thing.

So, while it's easy to be hard (like the song says)
In the end.....
it's better to be SOFT.

I stand by it.

Now.....on to my 2nd topic of yet another "Wizard's Duel" Challenge.
I learned from the unfortunate man who challenged me before, that it's best if you give GOOD.

So, I am asking YOU to challenge YOU into changing your life.

I am sure that there are things about you, that you would really like to change and we are going to help each other (instead of FIGHT each other like the other guy wanted in his quest for my power....it didn't turn out to well for him, did it?)  by focusing on A DREAM. Let's try the higher ground to


It's what Wizards DO.


The first challenge is for you to make a committment, here for us all, and leave a comment on what you would like to change.

If you've done it on FB, that's great. What we need to do is to FOCUS on something singular, tho, to really make this a PRIORITY.

But Merlyn, what if I'm not sure what I want?
Well, that one I can answer, because that's exactly where I'm at. You see, I've been very successful so far in my life getting the things I set my heart for. Got them. Now....what?


Imagine what your "Perfect Day" would consist of? (without any limitations in your mind).
What would it look like?
Who would it be with?
What would you do?
Where would it be?

I believe that the answers to these questions would give you, a "microcosm" of what you feel you should be doing with your life, your time, your chance.

So just for today......


Think what your PERFECT DAY might look like.

Report in here. You will be supported. You will support others.

It's a FEEL AWESOME Project for Life Changing Wizards like us.


Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Lol. You are a brave and loving wench! In my ideal day, I am sitting at my desk writing my next book. There is an expanse of window to one side of my desk. The view over looks Skaneateles Lake--a direct view without houses in the way. The office is in my house. It is oak and a pale cream with Pre-Raphelite Art prints and Andrea Smith originals on the walls. I have an oak book case with my writing manuals and other references near at hand.

I can smell lunch cooking. There is a house keeper and groundsman to take care of this property. Eric pulls in the drive for lunch, returning from the farm we live in now; he rents out the land and we stay there in the winter. After lunch we will walk down by the water as I describe progress on my book.

Oh! There is a dog with us. I haven't had a dog in a long time. The house has the requisite number of cats. The dog came in with Eric. When we return to the house, we have tea and scones while Eric reads my latest chapters. Then I go back to work and he snags a guilt free nap.

Merlyn said...

WONDERFUL!!! What a beautiful life you have made for yourself and Eric! I can see it now. Write this down and put it in a special folder. This is the basis for your "Wizard's Duel Challenge".

LynnieBee said...

I LOVE this idea :)

Hmmm, my ideal day....

I wake naturally, at a decent hour, without having to use an alarm clock. I live in a place that is both near the water and close enough to civilization to hear church bells. I spend part of the day either in performance, rehearsal or teaching an acting class, or some combination thereof. I get home early enough to have some solitude/quiet time before Mikey gets home. We cook and eat dinner together. Perhaps we will have some close friends or family over for an evening snack and some good conversation, or if we are alone, maybe we'll go for a walk or a swim or sit on the porch or snuggle in front of the fire, depending on what time of year it is. I am tired when I go to bed at night,but it's the sort of tired you get after a good day of hard work, not drained. I am healthy and happy. I am at a healthy weight and I am happy with how I look, truly, honestly happy.I am fulfilled and doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life. My home is full of good food, good music and good books.I have a flower garden, vegetable garden and an herb garden.My life is full of love. I am both passionate in my life and at peace :)

Lynnie said...

My perfect day:

I wake up, no aches-no pains, to find a beautifully overcast chilly day. I sip my morning tea as I prepare a lovely brunch, with garden fresh veggies, fruits, herbs and eggs. I prepare a grand dinner in the crockpot to slowly cook all day, a dessert in the 2nd crock while pausing to watch the bunnies and the squirrels in the garden. I take the time to remember to thank the gods for these gifts, to write down my recipes as I make them up and to feel the peace of more and the love of the moment as I go. The delectable smells fill the house, wafting into the dreams of my sleeping men. They wake and join me for a glorious meal.

Then we head out for the day, meeting with friends (Steve C, Steve M, Mike, Sarah, Matt, Luke, Chris, Chris, Bethany, and others) walking with them in the woods with the leaves crunching underfoot, water rippling nearby, the wind caressing our cheeks as we simply wander and take in any wonders we happen to come across. A fire is lit and lunch is cooked beside a stream. Skipping stones, drawing in the sand, making shapes in clouds and just fill our souls the way the food fills our bellies.

Tuckered out we come home. A quick walk through the garden shows it ready for winter, all nice and tidy. Then into our home that is clean, organized and snugly cozy. I light candles, we change into our jammies and we unwind from our day, reading and watching a movie. Enjoying conversations about the day, what we are learning from what we are doing. Tea and cocoa is enjoyed.

A late dinner finds us still happy. The boys take care of the dishes and clean up and I listen as they laugh about something in one of their shared video games. We decide an after dinner game of cards would be the perfect dessert and engage in a rousing game of Guillotine, or perhaps Rummy.

We settle in the living room. The boys choose to watch something on the tv while I sit with them, wrapping herbs or beading a trinket or sketching something for a friend. The cats come into the room, chasing and wrestling one another until they are worn down and choose to cuddle up with us.

Noah prepares for bed, coming down to kiss me before he heads to his man-cave for the night, while Mark works on his computer and I turn to my next writing project. The movie plays in my head and the words flow smoothly, simply falling into place on the screen.

Exhausted, Mark and I head up to bed in our usual way…him first so I can squeeze his bum on the way up the stairs. We comment on the photos in the stairwell, a hanging album of a life well lived.
We prepare for bed and rub balm on each others sore muscles (from hiking), laughing as we do so. We kiss, and things more passionate, before drifting off into a peaceful, beautiful sleep.

(Now, ask me the same question when I’m in my gypsy wandering mood and the answer will be very different. I’m such a Libra!!! ;-) )

Lynnie said...

BTW, my verification word was "coven". Somehow that seems so right.

Merlyn said...

These are simply WONDERFUL and very achievable! I am excited to hear of all of your "perfect" days, each so different, and unique and just right for YOU. I love you all for participating. We have the power to create what we want, if we are honest with ourselves and only give ourselves the same devotion that we give to others. I will post mine on the next blog. This is SO exciting! I'm feeling all this positive energy, from you, for you!

Merlyn said...

And Lynnie? Coven. Perfect. A group of like minded individuals.
"Harm none and do what you will." :)
Such a PERFECT verification word.

desdemona75 said...

My perfect day:
I would wake up to 50 degree temperatures in a cabin in the mountains (perfect snuggle weather), with no set plans for the day. My hubby and son would make all of us breakfast so we could start the day together. After breakfast, we would take a walk as a family. Upon our return from our walk, I would bake something yummy for us to enjoy later in the day with friends (cake, pie, etc.) and then would sit down with candles burning, and meditate. After the meditation, my crafty-friends would come over and we would have a craft-session with lots of ideas, laughs and love. Max and Aidan would even craft with us.

After the craft session is over, all of my musical friends (from all over the country) would arrive and would play music, with Max for me and my crafty-friends. We would all enjoy some wine and desert and more laughs of course.

We would enjoy an evening fire, possibly outside, with more music and a late impromptu pot luck dinner, followed by roasted marshmallows.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

My Perfect Day?
Complete and blissful silence.............

Terri said...

My life is in such turmoil right now, my perfect day is really quite simple.
I find great comfort in my work caring for others and trying to find some joy and spread it in the midst of suffering.
I have been told I am quite an accomplished baker. I now work at the VA and take care of mostly aging men. Who more often than not are very greatful for the care they receive and are quite free with their gratitude. At least in my setting.
You, see I am a dialysis nurse and I see the same patients over and over again. This allows us to develop a different sort of relationship. Ours is one where they depend on us for care but we are constantly striving to empower them to care for themselves and grab every bit of independence life allows them.
I love my work and my perfect day would include a day at work when everyone's treatments go well. They all feel well when they are done and we have some laughs along the way. My apple pie seems to be the favored treat among the group and this particular one is perfect and there is miraculously more than enough to go around. Everyone enjoys a piece. All are helped through their personal struggles in some way. I am able to offered them a kindness they don't often get and send them away knowing they are loved. We are taught in nursing school to protect ourselves from becoming too close. I say that's a bunch of @#$*. Being a nurse means we treat the human response to illness and its treatment. We treat human dis-ease, not diseases, we'll leave that to the doctors. How can one do that without becoming close to another. We must touch our patients to deliver physical care, and we must touch them emotionally to treat the emotional dis-ease that goes along with being ill. I am a realist and at the end of the day the patients will still be patients and I will be going home.
Then I will go for a long fast walk to purge myself of all the suffering I have witnessed. I will take the time to smell the wonderful aromas of Gods world and to take in the beautiful sites. It will be a sunny day and I will be able to walk out to wake robin dairy and look at the beautiful horizon along the road. There will be an occasional car that goes by and a stranger who waves. I will go home exhausted. Eat a healthy meal and fall into bed know I have done my best for the day!

Terri said...

I need to add that I would talk to each of my sons and know what is going on their world for that breif moment. My neice and nephew would call and the same could be sadi for each of them.