Wizards Duel Challenge Turns to Adventure

Today, I conducted a service for Samhain. I saged the circle and all within it. We called the 4 winds and directions to be with us and to protect us. We prayed and thanked others for being in our lives, and that they had made our lives better for it.

There was music and love and tears and joy and gratefulness. I encouraged the congregation to let go of unwanted traits, behaviors, wishes, failed relationships written on papers which I burned and sent to the Univsere as prayers of release to the Gods. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

I encouraged forgiveness and gratefulness and depth of feeling, with a hefty dose of hope and heart.

Much good was done this day. A feeling of well being and hope for the future welled up in us all.
Indeed, it DID feel like my heart grew "3 sizes" today :)

I also spent time in the company of good friends, playing music, laughing,  and having a tankard and some harder spirits. Eating, feasting, making merry and resting.

It was a perfect day of rest and merriment before a Wizards' Adventure..

I asked you what "fed your spirit" and I have isolated my special treats for being some of these:

Hot baths, Books in bed early, Walking my dog with fresh air and light,  Gatherings of friends, Artwork, Music.

I have looked at my dream destinations from this past week.
I have laid out a map, and unrolled it on my week's table and made a plan for each day.
I have forgiven someone and said my goodbyes.

Our Wizard's Journey will start for me tomorrow. I am glad you are riding with me as saddlemates :)

Personally, my plan looks like 7 days a week mapped out, (along with my other regular work and daily life)...
with the majority of the progress (on many different areas) being loaded onto weekdays, M-F with Saturday being a play day to enjoy and Sunday being a planning day for the week ahead.

I have covered areas that include organization, creation, self care, dream/wish fulfillment, implementation, play and scheduling.


"Put Away Day"

books/coats/clothes/ paperwork/dishes/laundry/garb/instruments/
file stories – save to thumb drive/ 
anything that needs to be settled or returned to it's place.

Tidy Porch

That's it. No cleaning. Just a simple focus to put stuff back where it goes. 
I have also chosen a different room every day (for 2 weeks) to work on it for 30-45 minutes.

I figure that if this plan works with some focus on different portions of my life, on certain days a week, consistantly, over time, that there would be a positive impact on the end result of getting closer to my dreams. 

Sort of a healthy erosion of measured productivity....

against the immoveable mountain of "wish I coulds".

I see several mountains ahead of me.


I now have a route mapped...
and I'll try to cover a certain length of ground daily.

Just like I would, on a trip with you, my Wizard companions, on our mounts.

A bit of ground every day. We will try to meet up here at the end of each day and tell each other of our progress.

I offer you a Blessing on Your Journey, Your Dreams, Your Life Change Choice :)

What are your plans for the trip?

Please give us your Itinerary, so that we may look for you along the road, ride together or meet up :)


Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Yesterday I tidied up the office, or part of it anyway. I started reviewing the book I intend to finish. I'll keep on with the review and edit this week so I can pick up the thread and forge ahead. 50,000 words in NoNoWriMo should finish the rough draft. This journey is such a joy. I love my characters, their place in the north of England, the magic and drama of it. Elspet is a newly wed in Bruham castle. Lady Nicholea, a young mother soon to be widow, is her mentor in living as a noble. Margot is her old crone teacher of the ways of magic in the earth. Together they are the Ladies of Bruham. More to come, my lovlies! Samhain Blessings.

Lynnie said...

I think Monday will be my catching up day. Over weekends I get so behind- in thoughts, in feelings, in laundry and dishes, etc.

This shall be my day of journalling to get through the thoughts and emotions and to chronicle my adventures, as well as to do those simple little things that fall along the wayside as the tornadoes of life whisk me along with them. :)

Merlyn said...

Sounds great you two! Glad to hear it!