~ Tool Kit in the Saddlebag

"Most wizard children are home educated before Hogwarts because they cannot be trusted to keep their magical abilities hidden from muggle schoolmates." (paraphrased J.K.Rowling)

 And so it is my travel mates that we have been "different" for quite some time now, eh?

I am glad that you started packing your saddlebag for our journey yesterday. How was it? Was it tough to decide what to take? What is most important? What is Non-Essential?

The Essential Elements of my dreams are thus:
While I would love to buy a house by the water, it can not be my main focus, because of current constraints, how'ere, it is a dream that I hold dear, and put it as a prize for the end. But more to the point of my need is SPACE. and INDEPENDENCE. Harry won't like it, but he's got to keep with the plan and allow me to live within my space here. Next week, I will work on the office (shared space) so that I can CREATE more freely.  CREATING is what I need to focus on. Creating goes into my saddlebag. Along with LOVE. Love for myself, love for my home, music, family, friends, and this Earth that we traverse.
MUSIC and SPIRITUALITY also go into my saddlebag. I have the urge to perform, to DO, to build, to speak, to sing, to pray and for others to continue on their life's quest for the same.

WRITING is so important to me. Digging and inventing and creating some story from fact or fiction. It's likely that I won't get rich from it. But do it, I must. I also put into my saddlebag, FRIENDSHIP. I do so like the company of like minded individuals to ponder, muse, laugh, share, learn together. LUST is something that I must have in my life. Lust for life and lust for living. (ok, so Lust for men is also a boon. I'm such a giver :)
ADVENTURE is a must for me. Whether it be travel abroad or local, I need to keep being adventurous. I adore large places of worship (Churches, Cathedrals, Temples) and of nobility (Castles, Mansions). I need to seek them out and enjoy them, learn from them. LEADER/TEACHER. I have always seemed to be a bit of a leader. From childhood, to class president, Phi Theta Kappa, summa cum laude, to many club start ups, lead singer to front person at gigs. I need to be a bit of a teacher. I need to impart what I know for other's edification (or as a terrible warning to others :) I also need to give the gift of EMPOWERMENT to others and have them feel that they can do anything they set their mind to. Life is short. Do it now.
And last but not least, GENEROSITY. I need to give. Not necessarily in money or gifts, but from the heart and soul. I've always been this way, with readings, friendships, food, advice, love, orgasms :) Whatever. As I've been told recently, "I am a giver."

So my tool kit consists of these important bits:

Yes, I've been hurt. Who hasn't?
The essence of what we are- CAN be manipulated and abused by others.
It is a chance that we take when we do the offering. It's a risk we take in being ourselves.
How'ere, the sin lies within them, and not us, if there is any abuse or manipulation.
It does not mean that we should stop being ourselves, it means that we should stop being around them.

Sometimes your travel partners need to go on a different path than you, even if they told you that they were going in the same direction at first. Plans change. People change..
It doesn't mean that your path is wrong for you.
It was wrong for them.
And it is wrong for anyone to go down a path,  for the sake of others. It is YOUR path.


YOU must chose your own path. You may lead others onto better roads, but they do the choosing of their own journey. If they choose the highwayman's path, advise them, warn them, pray for them and let them GO.

I choose to walk my path with INTENTION.

How will we get to where we want to go, if we do not know where we want to end up?

Like the saying says, "When you don't know where you are going, every path will lead you there."

So, we have our tools, our saddlebags are filled with choice belongings for our trip.

Now, comes the trip planning. Where are we going?


Using our dreams from the beginning....
and our toolkit is at the ready, we need to plan a destination.
It may not be our final destination, of ultimate joy and sensation, but it will be a stop along the way.
Our first travel point, perhaps. Like a block of mileage and a pit stop on the thruway :)

What will you shoot for, given the direction, the destination, for this month ahead?

In other words:

What can I do, to advance my Wizards Journey over the next Month?

You don't have to do ANYTHING about it today.

Just think on your direction and make a Map Quest Plan.


Mimi Foxmorton said...

My satchel is empty. I shall gather as I go. :)

Merlyn said...

Tis well. There's always one grasshopper in the troupe :) You can forage and we shall all share with thee. :) Love you.

MissLorieO said...

I'm loving this wizard's duel you have set. I am following and thinking and pondering. Although I have not posted publicly about it, you are inspiring me to look deeper and see the bigger picture. Progress is being made and dreams are being solidified. Thought you should know.

Merlyn said...

Miss Lorie, You are more than welcome here on our journey together...in spirit and in heart. :) Thanks for joining in! Safe passage to you and Godspeed.

desdemona75 said...

I'm advancing my journey by learning to relax a bit, to try to find more time for me... so that I can do the things I need to do for me. :)

Merlyn said...

(Sent to me by Lynn...who can't post here on her work computer, but wants to share with you all :)

First Leg of the Journey:
Some Ideas for what I can accomplish towards my goals in the next 30 days:
Health/Body Image
-Practice good self-care (I’ve been going nonstop for months, and basically taking no time for ME) I can:
-treat myself to a haircut and a massage or some other spa treatment
- take some long, hot baths
-read for pleasure (the script for whatever play I’m currently working on DOESN’T COUNT)
- Drink more tea
-get more sleep
- take my vitamins
-Eat Dinner at HOME
- make more time to cook meals
- eat more veggies and less junk
- no hard and fast restrictions, just be sensible
-aim for at least a little extra physical activity every day
-For curiosity’s sake, I will weight myself and take my measurements on Oct. 31st or Nov.1st, then I will WALK AWAY from the scale and the measuring tape and not weigh or measure myself until Nov. 30th or December 1st.

Artistic and Creative Fulfillment
-revise my Acting and Teaching Resume’s
-continue with my Syracuse Shakespeare Fest/Rep Company rehearsals
- Cook
- Blog about said Cooking
-get back to my weekly if not daily blogging routine
-possibly audition for a Spring show
-work on at least one crafty project I’ve been meaning to get to
-work on planning our WEDDING!!!

Merlyn said...

FABULOUS! You are well on your way!

Diana Baretsky said...

Here's what I'm packing in my saddlebag:
A compass that only points forward.
The love and support of my husband and children.
For those who have done wrong to me and mine, I'm packing a healthy dose of forgiveness, but not forgetfulness, because those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

I don't really know what that has to do with my perfect day, but it does go back to the original challenge, to change something I don't like about myself, i.e. my inability to let go of being treated poorly by a friend.

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Love Diana's tool kit. I am sure it will take you where you wish to be.

For my next month I am participating in November Novel Writing Month. It is a gift to myself because I am supposed to be working on a different project, but I have been away from my Elspet self too long. I will set my sights back on her 12th century life.