~ The Journey begins with the Essentials

"In a way, we are magicians. 
We are alchemists, sorcerers and wizards. 
We are a very strange bunch. 
But there is great fun in being a wizard. ~ Billy Joel

It IS great fun to create. We make magic potions everyday in our daily lives, from our creations of work, play, friendship, artwork, music, stories and relationships.

Yesterday WAS a magickal day, wasn't it? I heard from so many of you about the idea of your "PERFECT DAY". 

I will tell you mine.

I actually have 2 perfect days (oh the Gemini curse/blessing :)

My Perfect Day Away:
This day starts with plane tickets to a sunny place. Greece perhaps. To visit the Temples of Athena and Zeus. Or maybe it would be France to visit Notre Dame and Chartres. I am there to speak, perform and to conduct seminars. Sort of a cross between Doreen Virtue, Loreenna McKennitt, Esther Hicks and Erma Bombeck. A fun, spiritual, musical counselor and author. I would perform some glorious music in a huge cathedral, with Harry and hit those harmonies that would ring the rafters.  I would travel to sell my books, help counsel people with Mystic Merlyn guidance and I would have my tribe/crew around me. There would be back drops and video playing behind me while we performed. My dearest loves would be with me to experience the sights and sounds of these exotic places. Money would not be an issue as the tour would be covering all our needs with more coming in from people who really were into us all. I would be able to really help people to help themselves. I would feel safe, loved and adventurous all at the same time.

My Perfect Day at home:
I would have a home on the water. Canandaigua Lake perhaps. A rambling ranch set on a knoll just above the lake. There would be time in my day to write, play music, rehearse and for taking walks in the woods. My home would be separate from my home today, which I would finally give over to Harry for his needs. I would have some space. I am not hard hearted tho...He could live with me as long as he didn't bring any gear over. It would be MY place to fix as I would see fit. There would be friends over, and we would concoct things, paint together, cook or write together, like in my Creativity Circles or StoryBook Clubs. Just as friends are often here now, but I would have more room for us all....and a fire pit, and a great room for conversations about books, gatherings of my magic friends for blessings and rituals and for music sessions with my many musician friends. There would be lust in my life. And satisfaction of self. And harmony. And safety. And true friendship.And snuggles and lust and love with those I love.

There's a lot there that is good. 

We must needs now to do a MAGICK thing.

We are starting on a Journey.

A Wizards Journey.

We are packing our saddlebags and we can't carry everything we want to take.

We have to take the basics of what we need.

You have your dreams, you have stated them on yesterdays' blog. 

But we have to whittle them down a bit.

Now, our EXERCISE today, is to whittle these WONDROUS ideas to their ESSENCE. 


What do you want MOST of all of your rambling, lovely dreams? 

What are the elements that are common to starting the process for these dreams to come true?

Think on this thought today......

Post your markers on this trail below to leave word for others on our journey together.

Be safe and foot true. Be Brave in your Quest.

I leave you with this signpost for the day:

"The wizards represent all that the true 'muggle' most fears:
They are plainly outcasts and comfortable with being so.
Nothing is more unnerving to the truly conventional than the unashamed misfit!"~ J.K. Rowling


Dorothy L. Abrams said...

I don't easily call anyone sister, but your dream and mine are so similar I feel the connection! LOL More later. D

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

You looking for a house on Canadaigua Lake and me looking for one on Skaneateles Lake reminds me of the lines from Fiddler on the Roof:

Where are you going?
Chicago, America.
Chicago America? I'm going to New York America! We'll be neighbors!"

What are the elements that are common to starting the process for these dreams to come true?
There are 3 things necessary for buying my house on the water--preferably Skaneateles water. This is not an inexpensive dream, but it is my home town.

1. Saving money (went to the bank today and my accounts are doing well--I am debt free with $ in the bank)
2. Getting additional income since this is a big bucks dream (signed a book contract today and posted it out. I have a novel off being considered by a different publisher. All that writing stuff feels like it is starting to gel. I am writing a book for November Novel Writing Month [NoNoWriMo) Other than writing I am not sure where the $ would come from. The Lottery? They say no one gets rich from writing. Well hardly no one.
3. Finding the house (I have done that frequently. Now I need to be ready to move on an available property when it appears.)

Merlyn said...

I have thought that the lottery would solve problems instantly, including my travel and house plans as well as me giving money to my daughter, Jesse, for her much needed dentist visits...but I should probably buy a ticket first, huh?

I always forget that part...and it's an instant fix that is not to be counted on....

Lynnie said...

I shared something with Mark yesterday after I wrote my perfect day- that it was my perfect day in that moment and it's one I've had it already. Oh, perhaps not all in the same day but those were the perfect elements of an at home day.

Yet as I thought more on it, there are truly 3 perfect days for me. One home- the one I shared. One away to sate my gypsy spirit and one professionally based to sate my healing witch. I am sure they can be combined, and I need to find those common threads to weave them into one tapestry.

Now, the difference between that and the now- the organized/clean house, the time...and frankly, the house. I would love a Victorian with land but I also hold so much love for my neighborhood that I can not imagine living outside of it, so perhaps 2 places? lol

However, there are some things I know. I know in all of them I need to touch the elements. I need that fire and spirit in every aspect of my life and I know it's been missing. I know I need creation and learning. If I am not creating and learning, I am not living. I also need my loved ones with me. It took me years to be comfortable alone, and in silence, but now that I know I can be, I truly do not always want to be. I am much happier sharing love, life and experience! Those are MY needs. I enjoy many other things but for me to feel as if I am truly living- those are the basics and I feel like that's a huge part of the one step towards a more fulfilling journey.

And for those 3 perfect days to come to fruition, I need to believe they are not beyond the realm of my reach. They are not wild dreams, and seeing that one of them has already come true, I actually do believe it. Writing the home day out helped solidify that for the reality of the other perfect days.

I also know there are things that need to change, and I am very pleased to say that today, I started on those changes. Small and slow but it will be achieved.

Merlyn said...

Excellent Lynnie! How wonderful to put a finger on something as elusive as- a feeling of something remiss- and then to be able to identify it as something that is capable of being found AND added! Good work!

And Dorothy, yes, some of our dreams are similiar. I have had the urge to live by the water since I DID live by the water earlier in my life. For 8 years I lived on the shore of Seneca River and I loved being a river rat :)

I am SO proud of you for your writing progress too! A book contract! HUZZAH!!!!

desdemona75 said...

Good question. I think of all my rambling dreams (and there are many) it's my desire to actually use my hands for something creative and for others to enjoy it. It makes me feel loved when other people love what I make them/give them. It's kind of like the approval a child always craves from the ones they love. They do things to get attention (whether it be good or bad, but preferably good IMO).

As for the common elements. Well, I have many things I like to do with my hands, mostly crafting and baking. And while I do love these things, it seems more often than not, they are not enjoyed as much by the receiver as by the maker/giver. Mostly because I hear the inevitable phrase "you need to stop making this stuff, I'm on a diet" and then what I have spent hours on in the kitchen sits and goes to waste and ends up in the trash, which makes me sad. But I digress... The commons elements are: doing something I love; having someone to love what I do. It boils down to me needing to find something I love, that makes me happy. A not-so-secret desire of mine is for my own bakery. But the more secret desire is to be able to play music with my friends; a particular merciless instrument. Thus, I need the instrument (which I now have) and need to learn to play it for me! And I am making it happen. Lessons are soon to come, just as soon as I find the time (and money).... :)

Merlyn said...

(Posting for Lynn) Hi Lovey,

My work computer won't let me comment on your blog directly, but here is my reflection today's Wizard's Duel Challenge...

-When I really focus on everything that made up my perfect day, I think I can condense it down into one word: Fulfillment

To elaborate just a tad, I would branch this into two areas that are at the forefront of my brain right now:
-Being Healthy, which encompasses General Health/ HealthyWeight/Healthy Body Image/Genuinely Feeling Good about how I look on the outside and feel on the inside
-Articitc and Creative Fulfillment, even though I do have a day job right now, not letting my artistic pursuits (Acting, Singing, Cooking, Blogging,etc) fall from the forefront of my mind or my life goals

What are the common elements to the process of making thse dreams come true?

-Working through roadblocks and not becoming discouraged by them
-Not giving up when I get frustrated
-Accepting the fact that it probably won't happen overnight
-Asking for help when I need it
-Networking and making connections
-Exploring every avenue
-Working through failures and rejections
-Being open to the love and support around me

Hopefully that's a good start for a *Dream Toolkit*

Lynn :)

Merlyn said...

YEA Desdemona!! A violin for you!!!!!!! Maybe you will inspire Harry to play along with you. I will have him bring his, so that you can "fiddle around" in Jan. I've got goosebumps for you!

Diana Baretsky said...

Sorry I'm a day or so behind, finally got that pesky tooth pulled. So, we're whittling down, yes? Um, my perfect day included my fella, the beauty of my favorite place in the world (Cheshire, a hamlet of Canandaigua), the comfort of the family home, complete with Great Grandparents, (which just happens to BE in the aforementioned Cheshire) and some soul-stirring smells, Sunday dinner, ripening grapes.
What do I want most out of that perfect day? My fella,of course. What are the elements for making this perfect day come true? Hmmm. Well, I already have my fella, my Great Grandparents are long gone, I pride myself on making a Sunday dinner almost as good as "Big Gram's" and as long as the weather is fine, we take the motorcycle past the farm, and all the vineyards around the Canandaigua Lake area. Well, I think I've failed this particular excersise, but then I never was much good in school.