StoryBook Club~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Fabulous night tonight!

Our StoryBook Club met for our 10th monthly meeting and we talked about "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving.

We all decided that he was a wonderful writer and his stories are even better when read ALOUD.
Which we did :)

Attending the "VanTassel's Party" here at Squirrel Haven were:
Phil, Christine, Lynn, Michael, Stephanie, Val, Keith, Nick, Rick, Debbi, Merlyn &  Harry

A sumptuous feast of food was offered fit for a Dutch country woman's table!


There was Ginger Beer, Mulled Cider spiked with Apple Jack, Roast Veggies, Pumpkin Soup, Autumn Braised Wild Catskill Boar (crockpot pork tenderloin ;), Caramel bread, Apple Crumb pie, English Toffee, Ginger Snaps and a Cheese tray.

We read excerpts of the story, and got to know the characters very well, and in the end we all liked Old Icabod more than we did before :)
And we all like Katrina Van Tassel a lot less.

Next month, in honor of October, our story research will take us in search of  ZOMBIES~

Get "The Zombie Survival Guide & Handbook"
It just may save your life.

Fun stuff even for a WOOS scardeycat like me!

So till next time.....
stock up on bullets, 2X4's, sharp implements, fill the tank with gas

and for God's sake....

get some twinkies.



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