Purging comes in all colors

An early morning this day, with the alarm going off at 4:45 am (which is dangerously close to o'Christ o' clock)

Minstrels don't normally get up that early....unless it's a radio show, which are also that early.

Had an awesome gig, at the Bristol Valley Theatre, for a middle school. We did our Erie Canal show and it went over like gangbusters. The theatre was a fabulous space! Lots of fun, bad jokes, historical content, costuming, back drop and sing alongs.

There were 300 really happy, excited middle schoolers all waiting for us and hanging on every word, joke and note.  It felt really grand to be up on stage, working this new show, in this cool theatre, with smiling faces learning and having a great time with their friends and teachers. It is a blast turning kids on to history!

It, was, how'ere, a 9am show IN costuming, WITH sound, backdrop/trussing and it was a 2 hour drive to get there.

We left our house on the road at 6am. But no worries, being the gypsies we were, it was pleasant and good to be on an adventure to a new place with new people. What a treat to see the landscape! The colors of fall were really peaking around Naples, NY, right there in wine country.

While that was grand, there was another super accomplishment or two for me today:

Remember when I said my BP was getting higher? Well, my doctor suggested awhile back for me to drop the pill. Yes, I bitched.  Over the last few months, my BP was climbing steadily. Up and up to a daily reading average of 127/93... holding constant.

Well, since I stopped taking it, something simply amazing has occurred. My BP has dropped significantly. many points! I'm getting a daily reading of 93/70 or 90/65. I am impressed. It IS true that the pill affects your blood pressure! I feel better already! Well, my pressure used to always be low, and I remember that now, with a bit of lightheadedness from time to time.I suppose it's better to keel over from low pressure than to explode with high pressure, eh?

Another thing that is spectacular is this...which is big for me....

I started writing in earnest, a horror/drama story.

Say it's for Halloween.....

Say it's seasonal.....

Say I'm growing and shedding a skin.....

Say I'm finally purging some monkey on my back.

Oh, I don't know. What'ere works. It is coming out, finally, like the draining of a festering splinter.

It hurts so good to let it go.

Yah. I'm attempting writing in a different genre.

A thriller.

It's the story of my life :)

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear some of your Erie Canal songs
at the library on Wed night. Missed the Jordan
open mic because I was in PA. I LOVE the canal,
and everything about it. Have since I was a kid.
And love the music. What a great gig at the school.
If I ever get divorced, I'll get back into itty bitty gigs at elementary schools. Used to do lots
of those.

Til Wed,