Kids say the cutest things!

Hey Ho!

Had a fabulous night tonight at the Baldwinsville Open Mic! It went by too quickly!

The after party found us having a nosh at the home of Mary Carrington and I chatted with Nancy, a published writer, and we discovered our common love of Mythology!

HUZZAH! Another literary geek like ME!

We sat and rattled off stories of Zeus, Hera, Leda, Medusa.....Hydras, much to talk about!!
It was awesome to make a new kindred friend!

And DEN?

When I got home,  I had another LOVELY surprise!

There was a packet in the mailbox from Naples Elementary School with pages and pages of "Thank You" letters from some of the kids!
We did a show last Friday at Bristol Valley Theatre and the theatre was FABULOUS. But even more so, were the kids....
I had brought with me, a "Limber Jack" doll to dance to "Buffalo Gals"....(you need to know that from the letters below :)

Want to hear a few of the letters? They are so adorable, I wanted to share. :)

(you'll just have to imagine them in penciled kids handwriting... :)

"Dear Merlyn and Harry, I loved the show it was wonderful. The song "My Bonnie" there a game that goes with it. It's really fun and tricky but fun. I love the Limberl Jack it was really cool and kind of funn Thank you, Love Angela"

"Dear Merlyn & Harry, I love your play! Thank you for coming to the Bristol Valley Theater for all of us. And thank you teaching me about the Erie Canal. I have never been in a play. I'm going to be this year! I loved your songs too! I want to go to the Erie Canal now. I think the limber Jack's name should be Jack or Woody, Sincerely, Emma"

"Dear Merlyn & Harry, we really liked the musical, it was really neat. I loved all of it. You guys are so good. Are you going to make another play at the Bristol Valley Theater? Because you are really good. You are funny too. The songs are really neat. I love that toy that you played with it is so cool, Sincerely, Lucy"

And here's my favorite :)

"Dear Merlyn and Harry:, That was a great show! Can you please come next year? I am going to sing "You are my Sunshine' to my little sister. I really, really, really like "The Bog Song". Thank you very, very much.
P.S. Can you be part of my family? Sincerely, Lexie Lynn"

You know, I really, really, really love my job :)


desdemona75 said...

love it! I wish you could come and play at Aidan's school! He would get a kick out of it :)

Anonymous said...

Mythology geek! Yes, I'll gladly take that appellation! Folks usually look at me like I
have three heads when I start getting excited about
mythology--stories to explain a world before science
took away so much of the mystery. Demeter and the
4 seasons, Phoebus and the rising of the sun, so
many wonderful stories. And so much history. So
yes, Merlyn, count me into that geek squad any day!

And kudos to you and Harry for getting stories and
music out to the kids. That's what it's all about,
in the end--sharing our love of song and stories
with each other and future generations. You've got
little ones wishing to be in plays, and singing songs.
It just doesn't get any better than that! XO Nancy