Hera, Goddess of the Heavens and Protectoress of Marriage and Wives

My current course at Grey School of Wizardry, is "Goddesses, Amazons & Heroines." 
It's a very interesting course so far, if you like Mythology, that is.

I adore Mythology. It is here that men created the Gods. In their own likeness....only better :)

Better physiques, more Super Powers (and who doesn't love having Super Powers?), Immortal, and All knowing and able to teleport, transcend time and place and well, fuck whoever they wanted.

The Gods how'ere, being invented by the Greeks, also had some foibles, human shortcomings to make them easy to identify with. Traits like, infidelity, backbiting, jealousy, hatred, double dealings, trickery....you know....fun stuff.

This made them loveable and likeable and you could always forgive them.

That is, unless you are Hera.
I am picking Hera to do a research paper on for school, because Hera ROCKS.

Beautiful, wise, nurturing, motherly, a sumptuous lover, talented, she is the First Goddess on Mount Olympus. She is "The Perfected One". 

A bit like Mary Poppins, who was "Practically perfect in every way" ...except.... better :)

Speaking from a woman's perspective....
Hera didn't start out being vindictive and vengeful, altho' she always had a jealous nature.
(And who among us can throw the first stone there?).

Hera really started flexing her powers after marriage to Zeus. 
Her brother-husband.

Some info reads: "Hera was not responding to his attempts to seduce her so he resorted to trickery that appealed to Hera's nurturing side."

He turned himself into a frozen bird, and when Hera felt sorry for it, picked it up and held it to her breast to warm it, Zeus turned back into himself, took advantage of his position, size and her fright and raped her. 

Now that's love, eh?

Even so, (I read on) "She forgave him, and they married to cover her shame." 
(did you get that? HER shame. Good grief.)

Zeus was in love with her. She is given the title of Protector of Wives and Marriage.

But he's a God with NEEDS. He starts fucking around on her. She is not only miffed about that....and that he's bedding MORTALS fer fuck's sake....but SHE'S the Protector of WIVES and MARRIAGE. Talk about your bad PR!

I can see it now....

Hera: "Zeus, really? I mean.... really? How many??"

And Zeus, being the handsome, virile God of the Universe, didn't get his paramours by his looks and charm. No. He almost always used a device to trick women onto his dick.
He turned himself into animals: Heifer, Swan, Bull....or clouds....or whatever his fancy was, just to get close enough to trick them into close proximity and den? 

And yet, it wasn't enough for him. What a dog.

I think Hera got a bad rap. In all the stories I've read, which are many, she is always labeled with a Jealous Crazy Beotch pin. 

But really....

Can you blame her?
I looked up Zeus online at Wikipedia. Go ahead. His paramours and progeny need a CHART. I'm talking Power Point and a Excel database to keep them straight. 

Hera did do some damage. She did some detective work, on whims that something was amiss. And guess what? There WAS.
Check this out:

"Io was a beautiful priestess in the temple of Hera, Zeus' wife, so if Zeus and Io were caught together Io could expect not to live a long nor happy life. Their affair lasted for quite sometime, but, as always, Hera became suspicious of Zeus' "innocent" actions. Fearing for Io's life, Zeus changed the girl into a beautiful white cow."

Imagine that. One of HERA'S own Priestesses. Zeus..Zeus...Zeus....did you ever hear about not shitting where you eat?
So Hera found out and send a stinging insect to constantly hound the poor girl. 

But it wasn't Io's fault. It was Zeus's. And Hera spent her entire eternity, dogging Zeus, tormenting his paramours and fucking up Zeus's plans. He kept her busy, didn't he?

Once some chick, named Antigone, boasted she had hair prettier than HERA'S.
(oh man....everyone move away from Antigone.....)
Hera heard it and changed the chick's hair into SNAKES.
(wow, you have to admit....that's a good one ;)

What stories! What adventures! What Power!

She got even with it all, by having several children children (altho' immaculately conceived, as she never strayed from her fidelity to Zeus. She was the Protector of Wives and Marriage, remember?) and by tormenting Zeus's bastard semi-god children.

She made Hercules' life miserable so many ways... (who was Zeus's son, NOT Hera's) and had Hercule's kill his own wife and children in a wild frienzy of which he wasn't even aware of or in control of himself. 

I've changed my mind about Hera. 


She doesn't fuck around.


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