"Odysseus Speaks"
The Cyclops views his world in single sighted visions
Knows only violence and hatred of self
Base wants he craves.
Lives within his cave of  needs

We came as friends
Offered our wine
All we had
But his love is destruction

Rolling the stone back and forth o'er the entrance
No one shall pass
No one shall be invited in
Except those he seeks to feed upon

Feed me
he says
Give me drink
he says
I will eat you in the morning

So while he sleeps, a plan is hatched
he who lives by the sword
Shall taste its metal
And we are all agreed

A monster with no vision
A man without desire
Achilles heel = limited vision of self
And he will live
If you call it a life

he will lean on his vengeful father God
Wallowing in his hole
Existing in his stilted life
his world made smaller still
made real by his own doing

As we sail away
Wiser for surviving a monster
With new adventures
With bright promise for our labors
Blessed by Hera

On the sea

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