~ First day in the saddle

How did you do today, my dear traveling companions?
Are you saddle sore?
Did you make the progress you needed/wanted to on your plans for your dreams to come true?
 Well, I must say that today went just fabulous. I got up at 6:30am (been laying there awake since 6am...)

Looked at myself in the morning mirror and said, to my buck ass, chubby, bed head, morning glory self:
"I love you. I'm gonna take care of you today." And I smiled at me. And I meant it.

Got showered and back into sweats.

Let out the doggy Joe and fed him and made coffee. Did my reading/writing/emails from 7 till 8am with coffee. Got Shawna up, breakfasted and off on her transport (she usually spends a night a week with us.)

Then I jumped on my steed and went saunteringly so into the schedule I set for myself.

Today was my:    Day 1 Plan: "Put Away Day"

This seems to be a perfect Monday plan for me!

It rocked!
Put away. I did just that. I put away:  dishes, laundry, book piles, took returnables to the store, dropped off dry cleaning, returned an item to A.C. Moore's (in advance of Create Day)., songs/lyrics sorted, cleaned off my desk by sorting it off, recycled stuff. The only thing I cleaned was just dishes, and I threw in a couple loads of wash. I am also adding a room a day to my mix. Just a 1/2 hour or so of dedicated attention, in some fashion, to one room of the house. Today, I picked the porch. It is the first "room" that people come to here at Squirrel Haven, and I put away the summer stuff, put away the folding lawn chairs and I swept off the leaves and "put away" the morning glory dead vines. It looks a lot better. Added to this is walking the dog, working at the college and also playing an hour for an evening's entertainment at Shawna's residence with about 18 other disabled adults plus staff.

It was a really productive energized day!

First off, the hot bath last night, the pretty good sleep and the alarm set were all helpful.
As was the "plan" I set for myself with times to do certain things by.

Also, for me to be able to just do an "Action", rather than a "to do list," seems to work more pointedly for me and it is loosely interpreted,  seemed to make a huge debt in the weekend's clutter in a short period of time.
I mean, I usually drag out the vacuum or add other elements to my day and try to do it "all". By just focusing on an "action" (put away) the house got cleaner faster.

Tomorrow is a busy day tho', as I am committed to doing many things. Prepping food in the morning for StoryBook that night, (I'm making "Zombie Eyes" (deviled eggs with whole olive eyes) and "Salty Bones" (refrigerator bisucuits baked to look like bones). I also have a long meeting, have to go to work after, and there is StoryBook Club too! This time it is being held at Phil & Christines' so at least I'm not on duty for it tomorrow nite this time.

The morrow's theme is "Self Care" Day.....

So, I figure,  if I can manage to do all what I have to, and also add in painting my fingernails, and having a hot bath and oil before bed, I will still call it a successful day!

One of the most important things I can do for myself, is Self Care. So I am going to go to bed early tonight. Samhain/Halloween is winding down, and it's been fun.

But tomorrow there are Zombies to contend with.

And I need my rest.
Cuz tomorrow....

We RIDE :)

Wizards Duel Challenge Turns to Adventure

Today, I conducted a service for Samhain. I saged the circle and all within it. We called the 4 winds and directions to be with us and to protect us. We prayed and thanked others for being in our lives, and that they had made our lives better for it.

There was music and love and tears and joy and gratefulness. I encouraged the congregation to let go of unwanted traits, behaviors, wishes, failed relationships written on papers which I burned and sent to the Univsere as prayers of release to the Gods. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

I encouraged forgiveness and gratefulness and depth of feeling, with a hefty dose of hope and heart.

Much good was done this day. A feeling of well being and hope for the future welled up in us all.
Indeed, it DID feel like my heart grew "3 sizes" today :)

I also spent time in the company of good friends, playing music, laughing,  and having a tankard and some harder spirits. Eating, feasting, making merry and resting.

It was a perfect day of rest and merriment before a Wizards' Adventure..

I asked you what "fed your spirit" and I have isolated my special treats for being some of these:

Hot baths, Books in bed early, Walking my dog with fresh air and light,  Gatherings of friends, Artwork, Music.

I have looked at my dream destinations from this past week.
I have laid out a map, and unrolled it on my week's table and made a plan for each day.
I have forgiven someone and said my goodbyes.

Our Wizard's Journey will start for me tomorrow. I am glad you are riding with me as saddlemates :)

Personally, my plan looks like 7 days a week mapped out, (along with my other regular work and daily life)...
with the majority of the progress (on many different areas) being loaded onto weekdays, M-F with Saturday being a play day to enjoy and Sunday being a planning day for the week ahead.

I have covered areas that include organization, creation, self care, dream/wish fulfillment, implementation, play and scheduling.


"Put Away Day"

books/coats/clothes/ paperwork/dishes/laundry/garb/instruments/
file stories – save to thumb drive/ 
anything that needs to be settled or returned to it's place.

Tidy Porch

That's it. No cleaning. Just a simple focus to put stuff back where it goes. 
I have also chosen a different room every day (for 2 weeks) to work on it for 30-45 minutes.

I figure that if this plan works with some focus on different portions of my life, on certain days a week, consistantly, over time, that there would be a positive impact on the end result of getting closer to my dreams. 

Sort of a healthy erosion of measured productivity....

against the immoveable mountain of "wish I coulds".

I see several mountains ahead of me.


I now have a route mapped...
and I'll try to cover a certain length of ground daily.

Just like I would, on a trip with you, my Wizard companions, on our mounts.

A bit of ground every day. We will try to meet up here at the end of each day and tell each other of our progress.

I offer you a Blessing on Your Journey, Your Dreams, Your Life Change Choice :)

What are your plans for the trip?

Please give us your Itinerary, so that we may look for you along the road, ride together or meet up :)

~ A Wizard's Trusty Steed

Good Day my traveling companions!

It is a crisp fall day and one suitable for horse’s breath and steaming cups of porridge!

How did you make out with rooting out your time bandits?

I saw your posts from yesterday, and I concur with all of you. Some are very universal, as in: the tiresome repeating emotional drivel we tell ourselves to wear ourselves down. As my mom used to say, when we hear such things in our head we should say: “Get thee behind me Satan!” (Of course, I was never comfortable having Satan BEHIND me. Would rather face him than have him as a backbiter anyday….) 
But surely I digress :)

My time bandit mostly consists of the Internet. I admit that I love to write and learn and research. I also love gossip and networking and having conversations and bolstering people. I get a lot of mail. I like to answer it personally and I like to make comments and jokes.

I will endeavor to do this LESS and focus on doing my Internet work only twice daily, morning and night in the future.

My current Estimated Time of Departure plan is that we set off on Samhain.


It is the New Year on the Earthen calendar, and a very fortuitous day for putting the past behind us and for making resolutions and moving FORWARD.

Forward in Friendship together, forward in love for OURSELVES, forward in PROGRESS towards our dreams.

So today, I would like to ask you to envision your STEED. 
(Not your STUD…for that, my dears, is a WHOLE n'other fantasy :)
But surely I digress.... :)

Now, what was I talking about again?
Oh yes :)

I have my steed already from a dream visualization journey in a Reiki class many years ago. It is still with me. It chose ME. Sometimes you can choose it, but sometimes it chooses YOU.

Our STEED represents our ENERGY.  Our LIFE FORCE. Our PASSION.
If you envision it as a horse, mule, unicorn, elephant or whatever, you must be a good caretaker of your mount.

I was raised on a working farm and feel very much at home in a stable.
Your daily duty, FIRST THING, (as some of you know that have animals) is to care for the livestock FIRST.

Before breakfast. You must care for your animals. Feed them, keep them clean, healthy and happy. You have to muck out the barn occasionally. They must have a place of safety from the weather and disease.

So I ask you today to do TWO THINGS:
     Envision your steed. Tell me what animal you will ride. What does your passion embody? Post here and tell us what animal/being you will ride in our quest together. Thusly, we will be able to identify you from a distance, and our animals will get to know each other in a troupe as we ride together.

2)    What does your body/energy(steed)  need to be fed? How can you make YOU happy? In other words, what feeds your soul? What gifts can you give yourself to have rewards and keep yourself happy, healthy and full of energy on our journey together? If you’ve never packed treats for yourself or your family when going on a long trip, then I just don’t understand you :)  
     Of course you will bring treats for yourself!


SO…..Let’s have fun!

Today is our last “work day” before we set off on Samhain. Post your thoughts hither. Sunday will be a down day to congratulate ourselves for all the great progress we’ve made this week!

You’ve done awesome!

You are finding a new path!

Sunday will be a day of rest to enjoy our moments, a day to PLAN your week ahead.

 Monday, we start a NEW YEAR, as we set off on the actual DOING of our adventure. The adventure of pursuing our DREAMS.

Are you ready?
Are you psyched for it?

“The road to a friend’s house is never long.”

So……Be your own best friend  :)

~ Saddling Up

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. " ~Winston Churchill

 To my dear Wizard Travelers......It is time that we saddled up.

How did you do yesterday with planning your personal journey?

I see that several of you posted on yesterdays entry, and I am glad that you have a plan.

My plan, being the Gemini that I am, takes me willy nilly most days.

I shall plan out my days of the week with certain days for certain things to keep me focused.

Sundays -Plan (look at my direction/progress/heading for week ahead/schedule)

Mondays-  Put away (filing, letting go, reclaiming space)

Tuesdays- Self Care (make something good happen for ME)

Wednesdays- Create (daily, but extra time on Wednesdays)

Thursdays- Dream (projects/ideas/loves)

Fridays- Implement (make it happen, mail out, connect with others)

Saturdays- Play (enjoy the moments you have made)

I may alter this as I go, but for now, to cover all my upcoming ideas, projects and journey plans, this is going to be the way I will have to organize myself in a world of chaos, that which is... Squirrel Haven.

I do like order anyways.

So I am saddling up, as well as you. 
I have set a course for myself.

We have not really begun the journey, but have set our plans to others, and have linked arm in arm like a troupe of adventurous travelers, excited about the trip!

Have you ever saddled a horse? 
I have. Lots of times.
There are many parts to put on, the horse to consider, and you have to nudge the air out of it's lungs a bit to tighten down the saddle strap tightly. 


Here we go....



What are you going to say goodbye to, in order to make time for this journey?

We need to analyze our time and energy wasters and be strong and say adieu so that we may set forth with no regrets.

What are your time and energy wasters?

Post when you know.

You can wean off or say anon, or even go cold turkey. 

But they can't go with us in the amounts that they are holding us back now.

There just isn't room in the saddlebag for shite.

Our horse shall make enough of that along the way :)

~ Tool Kit in the Saddlebag

"Most wizard children are home educated before Hogwarts because they cannot be trusted to keep their magical abilities hidden from muggle schoolmates." (paraphrased J.K.Rowling)

 And so it is my travel mates that we have been "different" for quite some time now, eh?

I am glad that you started packing your saddlebag for our journey yesterday. How was it? Was it tough to decide what to take? What is most important? What is Non-Essential?

The Essential Elements of my dreams are thus:
While I would love to buy a house by the water, it can not be my main focus, because of current constraints, how'ere, it is a dream that I hold dear, and put it as a prize for the end. But more to the point of my need is SPACE. and INDEPENDENCE. Harry won't like it, but he's got to keep with the plan and allow me to live within my space here. Next week, I will work on the office (shared space) so that I can CREATE more freely.  CREATING is what I need to focus on. Creating goes into my saddlebag. Along with LOVE. Love for myself, love for my home, music, family, friends, and this Earth that we traverse.
MUSIC and SPIRITUALITY also go into my saddlebag. I have the urge to perform, to DO, to build, to speak, to sing, to pray and for others to continue on their life's quest for the same.

WRITING is so important to me. Digging and inventing and creating some story from fact or fiction. It's likely that I won't get rich from it. But do it, I must. I also put into my saddlebag, FRIENDSHIP. I do so like the company of like minded individuals to ponder, muse, laugh, share, learn together. LUST is something that I must have in my life. Lust for life and lust for living. (ok, so Lust for men is also a boon. I'm such a giver :)
ADVENTURE is a must for me. Whether it be travel abroad or local, I need to keep being adventurous. I adore large places of worship (Churches, Cathedrals, Temples) and of nobility (Castles, Mansions). I need to seek them out and enjoy them, learn from them. LEADER/TEACHER. I have always seemed to be a bit of a leader. From childhood, to class president, Phi Theta Kappa, summa cum laude, to many club start ups, lead singer to front person at gigs. I need to be a bit of a teacher. I need to impart what I know for other's edification (or as a terrible warning to others :) I also need to give the gift of EMPOWERMENT to others and have them feel that they can do anything they set their mind to. Life is short. Do it now.
And last but not least, GENEROSITY. I need to give. Not necessarily in money or gifts, but from the heart and soul. I've always been this way, with readings, friendships, food, advice, love, orgasms :) Whatever. As I've been told recently, "I am a giver."

So my tool kit consists of these important bits:

Yes, I've been hurt. Who hasn't?
The essence of what we are- CAN be manipulated and abused by others.
It is a chance that we take when we do the offering. It's a risk we take in being ourselves.
How'ere, the sin lies within them, and not us, if there is any abuse or manipulation.
It does not mean that we should stop being ourselves, it means that we should stop being around them.

Sometimes your travel partners need to go on a different path than you, even if they told you that they were going in the same direction at first. Plans change. People change..
It doesn't mean that your path is wrong for you.
It was wrong for them.
And it is wrong for anyone to go down a path,  for the sake of others. It is YOUR path.


YOU must chose your own path. You may lead others onto better roads, but they do the choosing of their own journey. If they choose the highwayman's path, advise them, warn them, pray for them and let them GO.

I choose to walk my path with INTENTION.

How will we get to where we want to go, if we do not know where we want to end up?

Like the saying says, "When you don't know where you are going, every path will lead you there."

So, we have our tools, our saddlebags are filled with choice belongings for our trip.

Now, comes the trip planning. Where are we going?


Using our dreams from the beginning....
and our toolkit is at the ready, we need to plan a destination.
It may not be our final destination, of ultimate joy and sensation, but it will be a stop along the way.
Our first travel point, perhaps. Like a block of mileage and a pit stop on the thruway :)

What will you shoot for, given the direction, the destination, for this month ahead?

In other words:

What can I do, to advance my Wizards Journey over the next Month?

You don't have to do ANYTHING about it today.

Just think on your direction and make a Map Quest Plan.

~ The Journey begins with the Essentials

"In a way, we are magicians. 
We are alchemists, sorcerers and wizards. 
We are a very strange bunch. 
But there is great fun in being a wizard. ~ Billy Joel

It IS great fun to create. We make magic potions everyday in our daily lives, from our creations of work, play, friendship, artwork, music, stories and relationships.

Yesterday WAS a magickal day, wasn't it? I heard from so many of you about the idea of your "PERFECT DAY". 

I will tell you mine.

I actually have 2 perfect days (oh the Gemini curse/blessing :)

My Perfect Day Away:
This day starts with plane tickets to a sunny place. Greece perhaps. To visit the Temples of Athena and Zeus. Or maybe it would be France to visit Notre Dame and Chartres. I am there to speak, perform and to conduct seminars. Sort of a cross between Doreen Virtue, Loreenna McKennitt, Esther Hicks and Erma Bombeck. A fun, spiritual, musical counselor and author. I would perform some glorious music in a huge cathedral, with Harry and hit those harmonies that would ring the rafters.  I would travel to sell my books, help counsel people with Mystic Merlyn guidance and I would have my tribe/crew around me. There would be back drops and video playing behind me while we performed. My dearest loves would be with me to experience the sights and sounds of these exotic places. Money would not be an issue as the tour would be covering all our needs with more coming in from people who really were into us all. I would be able to really help people to help themselves. I would feel safe, loved and adventurous all at the same time.

My Perfect Day at home:
I would have a home on the water. Canandaigua Lake perhaps. A rambling ranch set on a knoll just above the lake. There would be time in my day to write, play music, rehearse and for taking walks in the woods. My home would be separate from my home today, which I would finally give over to Harry for his needs. I would have some space. I am not hard hearted tho...He could live with me as long as he didn't bring any gear over. It would be MY place to fix as I would see fit. There would be friends over, and we would concoct things, paint together, cook or write together, like in my Creativity Circles or StoryBook Clubs. Just as friends are often here now, but I would have more room for us all....and a fire pit, and a great room for conversations about books, gatherings of my magic friends for blessings and rituals and for music sessions with my many musician friends. There would be lust in my life. And satisfaction of self. And harmony. And safety. And true friendship.And snuggles and lust and love with those I love.

There's a lot there that is good. 

We must needs now to do a MAGICK thing.

We are starting on a Journey.

A Wizards Journey.

We are packing our saddlebags and we can't carry everything we want to take.

We have to take the basics of what we need.

You have your dreams, you have stated them on yesterdays' blog. 

But we have to whittle them down a bit.

Now, our EXERCISE today, is to whittle these WONDROUS ideas to their ESSENCE. 


What do you want MOST of all of your rambling, lovely dreams? 

What are the elements that are common to starting the process for these dreams to come true?

Think on this thought today......

Post your markers on this trail below to leave word for others on our journey together.

Be safe and foot true. Be Brave in your Quest.

I leave you with this signpost for the day:

"The wizards represent all that the true 'muggle' most fears:
They are plainly outcasts and comfortable with being so.
Nothing is more unnerving to the truly conventional than the unashamed misfit!"~ J.K. Rowling

Wizard's Duel

Did I ever tell you of the time that I got lured into a "Wizard's Duel" with a Warlock?


Well, this is a true story.
About 15 years ago, I drove to Kuntztown, Pa to do a "Mini-Renaissance Faire".
I was going to do my Tarot card readings. I got up very early, packed my car, drove me, myself and I all the way there, unpacked my booth, set it up, got dressed in costuming and was "ready to read" at 10am.

Pretty good, huh? And I looked cute too :)
My booth was blue and white with pennants flying. I was fetching in a cream colored low cut lace gown with a cute and snug wee bodice. (Can't fit into either of them now, but I still have them :)
I was outgoing, kind and full of smiles and info to the passing faire goer. I got bites on my reads, and gave out some really good and fun help. In my heart, I was glad. All over sort of glad.

Across the way, there was also another reading booth. It was a dark booth, and there were 2 men in dark hoods and garb. They were giving "Dragon Readings". There was also a wench working with them as front person.

I waved across once or twice, but didn't get much of a response. I continued with my day, until I needed a break to walk around and stretch my legs. I stopped at the other card booth on my path past them. I was cordial, they were ....um....not.
I went on my way.

Later on that day, the wench that worked at that booth, came over to my booth and said, "Man I need to get out of that booth. They are miserable warlocks. And you are doing so well over here."

I then saw the one main guy approaching me. He said, "I challenge you to a duel".

I laughed. "A duel? You are joking, right?"  Well, no, he wasn't.

So we faced off....he showed me how. 50 paces apart. Your magick arm outstretched towards your opponent. Then when the cue was to be given you directed your power towards the other.

And so we did. I looked at this guy, caught in his anger and hate, and I just gave LOVE. Lots and lots and lots of it. He, how'ere, directed a negative energy towards me. This went on and on. I was not tiring, howere, he started looking peckish. Until finally, the referee called it. "That's enough you two!".

I guessed I'd won. He sort of went away dejectedly and was so miserable that he didn't get any readings for the rest of the day. He probably lost money on the day.

I had a great day, made money and closed up shop early for the drive home.

This proves a point to me, that it IS good to be giving, loving, generous, spiritual, happy, independant, honest with others and trusting. 
What people do with what they are given, is on them. 
What we do comes back to us.

If that warlock had just opened up to receiving the good, instead of misconstruing the incoming power as negative...he would have been bolstered, edified, would have grown. Instead of mustering all his negativity and throwing it against a big soft squishy hug only to bounce off.
He was powerless to come out ahead, as is negativity in the face of love.
Instead of coming at me as competition for a fight for who's the best,....
he should've joined forces as an ally and made his circle bigger, instead of smaller.

The sad thing is?

He didn't learn a thing.

So, while it's easy to be hard (like the song says)
In the end.....
it's better to be SOFT.

I stand by it.

Now.....on to my 2nd topic of yet another "Wizard's Duel" Challenge.
I learned from the unfortunate man who challenged me before, that it's best if you give GOOD.

So, I am asking YOU to challenge YOU into changing your life.

I am sure that there are things about you, that you would really like to change and we are going to help each other (instead of FIGHT each other like the other guy wanted in his quest for my power....it didn't turn out to well for him, did it?)  by focusing on A DREAM. Let's try the higher ground to


It's what Wizards DO.


The first challenge is for you to make a committment, here for us all, and leave a comment on what you would like to change.

If you've done it on FB, that's great. What we need to do is to FOCUS on something singular, tho, to really make this a PRIORITY.

But Merlyn, what if I'm not sure what I want?
Well, that one I can answer, because that's exactly where I'm at. You see, I've been very successful so far in my life getting the things I set my heart for. Got them. Now....what?


Imagine what your "Perfect Day" would consist of? (without any limitations in your mind).
What would it look like?
Who would it be with?
What would you do?
Where would it be?

I believe that the answers to these questions would give you, a "microcosm" of what you feel you should be doing with your life, your time, your chance.

So just for today......


Think what your PERFECT DAY might look like.

Report in here. You will be supported. You will support others.

It's a FEEL AWESOME Project for Life Changing Wizards like us.

For the Love of a Selkie

Two Perspectives
Story 1: 
Woman falls for Selkie Male

For the love of a Selkie, I tried to keep him.
Handsome in body yet shallow of soul.
Devoted to me only as long as his true skin was hidden.
Passion, adventure and the salt sea were in his eyes.

He called to me from the water, and I waded in from the shore
Tho’ murky depths of seaweed did not hinder me, nor cause me fear
For he was with me, splashing, playing, cavorting in our sensual bliss
His heart engulfed mine and I believed he would not let me drown.

But Selkies have a short memory…
as short as the passing of a cloud over the sea.
Mysterious, it evaporates and he is gone.
There is nothing left now, but the coarse taste of my salt tears.

Story 2:   
Man falls for Selkie Woman

I watched the seal play in the water.
So swift and playful, so happy and carefree.
I wanted her.
I wanted to tame her.

I wanted to Own her POWER.
So I baited her.

When she came out of the water, she ate from my hand,
Trusted me, showed me her true form….
I stole her freedom and hid her skin from her. 

Even tho’ she cried and cried, I would not listen.
She became my wife. 
Devoted, submissive and nurturing to My will.
I had captured her. 

In heart, in body... she was mine.
But her spirit yet was untamed and untouched.
Even tho’ I had her keeping, she would never be mine.
We spoke a different language.

She looked past me... through me... to the call of the waves.
One day, she found me out.
She found the key... to my thievery of her heart.
She found the nature of my ultimate duplicity..

She found the ugly secret of who I really was.

She took back her Skin.

She took back her Power.

She Never looked back.

Childhood musings, Edgar Cayce and the Art of Forgiveness

I've been purging lately, as some of you are aware.

Purging a long term friendship of a false true lover.
Purging childhood memories.
Purging scary demons from my closet.
Purging bad thoughts.
Purging toxins.

It is good and right to do so.

I've been writing my memoirs.

Now, I know what you are thinking...

"What a bunch of crap. She isn't noteworthy enough to have memoirs to write."

And maybe so.

But do you REALLY know me?

Do I REALLY know me?


I've buried a lot. Weird shit. Bizarre things. Scary things. Wonderful things. Crazy things.

As "A Song For You" says:

"I've been so many places in my life and time
I've sung a lot of songs,  I've made some bad rhyme
I've acted out my love in stages
With ten thousand people watching
But we're alone, and I'm singing this song for you"

And I am singing my song.
My song of LIFE.

As if in a sleeping prophets' dream....

the TRUTH is revealed.

I'm singing it
to a handful of people who are listening to it's arrangement.
They are sitting in the dark audience, the curtain is drawn,
and the story begins....
with deep, resonant notes, full orchestration, and lilting heart felt harmonies...

Some parts are piccicato,
some are staccato,
some are A capella,
some sung as a group,
some as a duo.

But sing it, I will.

To some it is a symphony.
To some it is a Siren call.
To some it makes their ears bleed.

To me it is a series of stories....

Much like a series of Matryoshka nesting dolls.

What will it reveal?

The scariest thing a person could find.

Their own self.

Kids say the cutest things!

Hey Ho!

Had a fabulous night tonight at the Baldwinsville Open Mic! It went by too quickly!

The after party found us having a nosh at the home of Mary Carrington and I chatted with Nancy, a published writer, and we discovered our common love of Mythology!

HUZZAH! Another literary geek like ME!

We sat and rattled off stories of Zeus, Hera, Leda, Medusa.....Hydras, Cyclops....so much to talk about!!
It was awesome to make a new kindred friend!

And DEN?

When I got home,  I had another LOVELY surprise!

There was a packet in the mailbox from Naples Elementary School with pages and pages of "Thank You" letters from some of the kids!
We did a show last Friday at Bristol Valley Theatre and the theatre was FABULOUS. But even more so, were the kids....
I had brought with me, a "Limber Jack" doll to dance to "Buffalo Gals"....(you need to know that from the letters below :)

Want to hear a few of the letters? They are so adorable, I wanted to share. :)

(you'll just have to imagine them in penciled kids handwriting... :)

"Dear Merlyn and Harry, I loved the show it was wonderful. The song "My Bonnie" there a game that goes with it. It's really fun and tricky but fun. I love the Limberl Jack it was really cool and kind of funn Thank you, Love Angela"

"Dear Merlyn & Harry, I love your play! Thank you for coming to the Bristol Valley Theater for all of us. And thank you teaching me about the Erie Canal. I have never been in a play. I'm going to be this year! I loved your songs too! I want to go to the Erie Canal now. I think the limber Jack's name should be Jack or Woody, Sincerely, Emma"

"Dear Merlyn & Harry, we really liked the musical, it was really neat. I loved all of it. You guys are so good. Are you going to make another play at the Bristol Valley Theater? Because you are really good. You are funny too. The songs are really neat. I love that toy that you played with it is so cool, Sincerely, Lucy"

And here's my favorite :)

"Dear Merlyn and Harry:, That was a great show! Can you please come next year? I am going to sing "You are my Sunshine' to my little sister. I really, really, really like "The Bog Song". Thank you very, very much.
P.S. Can you be part of my family? Sincerely, Lexie Lynn"

You know, I really, really, really love my job :)


"Odysseus Speaks"
The Cyclops views his world in single sighted visions
Knows only violence and hatred of self
Base wants he craves.
Lives within his cave of  needs

We came as friends
Offered our wine
All we had
But his love is destruction

Rolling the stone back and forth o'er the entrance
No one shall pass
No one shall be invited in
Except those he seeks to feed upon

Feed me
he says
Give me drink
he says
I will eat you in the morning

So while he sleeps, a plan is hatched
he who lives by the sword
Shall taste its metal
And we are all agreed

A monster with no vision
A man without desire
Achilles heel = limited vision of self
And he will live
If you call it a life

he will lean on his vengeful father God
Wallowing in his hole
Existing in his stilted life
his world made smaller still
made real by his own doing

As we sail away
Wiser for surviving a monster
With new adventures
With bright promise for our labors
Blessed by Hera

On the sea

Creative Retail Therapy

Went to A.C. Moore and JoAnn fabrics this day and bought a package of embroidery floss, new needles and hoops and a selection of fabric alphabet letters and fabric to make music stand banners for Merry Mischief.

Bought a red tartan plaid and tartan alphabet for our Pirate show.

Bought an earthy fabric and white letters for our Erie Canal show banner.

Bought a red and white striped fabric for our Civil War show.

Thinking of not only making these banners, but embarking on another wallhanging of an appliqued landscaped scene.

The last two won prizes. One at the Amtrak Railroad Festival and another at the NYS fair. One is a quilted wall hanging of the last few cars and caboose of a train passing by thru the trees. It was dedicated to my Grandmother, "The wife of a Railroad Man".

The other one is smaller, it is a scene of Jonah, floating downward into the sea bottom, after sacrificing himself for his shipmates, and just seconds before being eaten up by the whale. It is called "Surrender".
I had been wondering at the time of its creation, what was in Jonah's mind to jump overboard, and give himself up to the water and to be able to put himself in the hands of the Gods.
It changed his life forever.

I do not know what I'd like to make next....

but want to get back to some handwork.

I love making Artwork from nothing but only my mind, fabric and a needle and thread.

Sitting in the evening, chatting and watching a movie while sewing or crocheting is very soothing to me.

But it's the stories that intrigue me.

Maybe Hera.....
Or Aphrodite dancing....
or Cyclops, the one eyed monster who sees only what he wants to see...
or maybe Mermaids eating the face off of a duped sailor who fell for their song.....

Who knows?

But first.....

Fun themed fabric minstrel banners for Merry Mischief :)

Purging comes in all colors

An early morning this day, with the alarm going off at 4:45 am (which is dangerously close to o'Christ o' clock)

Minstrels don't normally get up that early....unless it's a radio show, which are also that early.

Had an awesome gig, at the Bristol Valley Theatre, for a middle school. We did our Erie Canal show and it went over like gangbusters. The theatre was a fabulous space! Lots of fun, bad jokes, historical content, costuming, back drop and sing alongs.

There were 300 really happy, excited middle schoolers all waiting for us and hanging on every word, joke and note.  It felt really grand to be up on stage, working this new show, in this cool theatre, with smiling faces learning and having a great time with their friends and teachers. It is a blast turning kids on to history!

It, was, how'ere, a 9am show IN costuming, WITH sound, backdrop/trussing and it was a 2 hour drive to get there.

We left our house on the road at 6am. But no worries, being the gypsies we were, it was pleasant and good to be on an adventure to a new place with new people. What a treat to see the landscape! The colors of fall were really peaking around Naples, NY, right there in wine country.

While that was grand, there was another super accomplishment or two for me today:

Remember when I said my BP was getting higher? Well, my doctor suggested awhile back for me to drop the pill. Yes, I bitched.  Over the last few months, my BP was climbing steadily. Up and up to a daily reading average of 127/93... holding constant.

Well, since I stopped taking it, something simply amazing has occurred. My BP has dropped significantly. many points! I'm getting a daily reading of 93/70 or 90/65. I am impressed. It IS true that the pill affects your blood pressure! I feel better already! Well, my pressure used to always be low, and I remember that now, with a bit of lightheadedness from time to time.I suppose it's better to keel over from low pressure than to explode with high pressure, eh?

Another thing that is spectacular is this...which is big for me....

I started writing in earnest, a horror/drama story.

Say it's for Halloween.....

Say it's seasonal.....

Say I'm growing and shedding a skin.....

Say I'm finally purging some monkey on my back.

Oh, I don't know. What'ere works. It is coming out, finally, like the draining of a festering splinter.

It hurts so good to let it go.

Yah. I'm attempting writing in a different genre.

A thriller.

It's the story of my life :)

Zombie Rule #32: Enjoy the little things :)

Yesterday went well, enjoyed a very fun open mic with friends from near and far, sang some really fun songs ("Love Potion # 9", and "The Monster Mash" :) and my friend Darlene, said that our Merry Mischief version of the Monster Mash was the best she's ever heard! Someone else said, "You have the perfect voice to mimic Boris Karloff".

And I thought everyone was going to think I was queer....but I did it anyways.
I'm glad I'm so silly and have fun friends I can be weird with :)

I finished a good 2 day fast. Only liquids.
I feel a bit more focused and stronger in several ways.
I really needed to spend some time on ME. :)
After all the surgeries, stress, pain, worry, anitbiotics, alcohol, Advil, tylenol and stuff,
I needed to detox.

(read: "God Bless My Liver" :)


Re: The new story I've been pondering......
I was even able to compose a letter to some select people and sent it, regarding the story I will be writing. I was just letting them know that they are, and why they are on this hand picked list of people.
They are people whom I wish to include in the telling of this next story.

So that was a good start in the right direction.

I also actually started work on the foundation bit of the story too...wrote many things and dug into my memories and came up with some gold.....and made some pretty accurate great headway.
I will proof it and send the first chapter, today, maybe.

Took a lovely long walk and talk with my friend, Lori Williams, she came all the way from Buffalo, for our open mic, and we are enjoying spending some time together. It's a nice soft day.

I also had a dream I shoved a really, large, whipped creme pie in someone's face.

when I thought about who it was....
I feel it was well deserved.
That was a sweet thought....

And it made me happy :)

So, folks, "Enjoy the little things".

Beautiful Plumage :)

Day 2 of the fast is going quite well. This is always the toughest of the days for me. It's the "hungry" day.

Yesterday I had a yogurt smoothie,  2 Master Cleanse lemon drinks, an Atkins shake and some broth/bouillion. Oh and water and some Green tea. And that is ALL.

Today, so far, I've had 2 yogurt smoothies and a lemon cleanse drink....have open mic tonight, that should be fun! I bought some seltzer for something more "party" like to drink.

Haven't done any writing yet on my project. Still trying to get up the nerve. Working on other annoying issues.
I will not only survive, but according to my "sign" I saw today, I will "thrive!"

This is a PERFECT omen for me today! :)

Saw a young tom turkey today standing on the side of the road.

He was beautiful.

Turkey Symbolism:

summary of animal symbolism of the turkey:
  • Pride
  • Abundance
  • Generosity
  • Awareness
  • Virility
  • Fertility
  • Sacrifice
Turkeys are at their peak of power in the autumn months.
As fall season animals, turkeys are also symbolic of:
  • harvest
  • new beginnings
  • cycles
  • preparation
Animal symbolism of the turkey also deals with male virility and pride. This isn't surprising when we observe male turkeys in the wild. They are quite noble looking as the strut and fan their impressive plumage for all to see.

When the turkey visits us it is a sign that we must be mindful of the blessings bestowed upon us each day.

Further, it is a message to express our strength and brilliance -
it's time to show our own plumage and reveal true selves.


If you show me yours, I'll show you mine :)

Cleanse Me O Lord

It's been a busy year and summer....hell, the summer is over and altho' I participated in it every day, out in the sunshine, it's gone and I'm sad.

I have also gone thru several stressful events of late, of which I need to destress from. Surgeries, a cold, an abscess, antibiotics that followed, medications, pain, relationship work and the need to clean my inner house.

So, I shall do what my body is needing at a time like this. I will fast for a bit, cleanse my mind, organize my thoughts, stay creative, active and pamper myself.

I started a fast, that I have successfully done many times for 5, 9, 10 days several times over the last few years. It gives my body a break and it makes me focus on ME.

It consists of a drink concoction (water/lemon juice/maple syrup and cayenne pepper). I also will drink teas, and an occasional cup of bouillion (for sodium) during this time.

I continue my daily walks with my doggy, hot baths, and today I started my fast with some lovely pampering. I gave myself a manicure and a pedicure...just cuz.... for ME.

I also dressed up very nicely for ME.

I will not let things get me down.
I am a beautiful woman.
I am healthy, loyal, creative, social, inventive, loving, caring, sexual, spiritual, practical and a damn good cook.

I need to let go of a person in my life who has harmed me,
and who continues to harm me.
I am too nice and I have forgiven much.
But there is a point when you should no longer turn the other cheek.
(sorry Jesus...but I, unlike you, am not perfect.)

I need to also let go of some inner spiritual, mental and emotional debris.
I also need to let go of some events in my life that have stunted me,
and of which continues to harm me by not facing it.
Inner crap as it were.

I have been seriously thinking of writing something of a very serious matter.

Past memories are surfacing with this recent situation, Halloween, and all its' seasons festivities.

I feel I should write it and let it out.

It is a demon in a cluttered basement full of horror.
At least, to me.

I do not know if I am brave enough, but I did make an outline for thoughts/chapters.

We shall see.

At the very least, I am starting on this continual journey of life that I am on,
on a quest for furthering my zest for life, love and fairness.
I want to keep growing.
The one who continues to harm me, is stuck in a pattern and a loop,
and I do not wish to be like that.
A person should evolve instead of repeating the same mistakes.
A dog always goes back to his own vomit.

I will not be controlled by others.
I will not be deceived by others.
I will not be kept tamped down.
I will not take ill treatment, when I offer grand love in all it's forms.

Harry supports me.
(Altho', I'm not cooking for him for a few days, he says he will fend for himself. He's been down this fasting path with me before :)

He's heard my stories.
He encourages me to write it.

I don't know whether I will post here, keep a private journal, publish, or burn it.

Until then,

I shall purify my body and take care of me.

The toxins must go, in every form.

Yours most sincerely.....


Hera, Goddess of the Heavens and Protectoress of Marriage and Wives

My current course at Grey School of Wizardry, is "Goddesses, Amazons & Heroines." 
It's a very interesting course so far, if you like Mythology, that is.

I adore Mythology. It is here that men created the Gods. In their own likeness....only better :)

Better physiques, more Super Powers (and who doesn't love having Super Powers?), Immortal, and All knowing and able to teleport, transcend time and place and well, fuck whoever they wanted.

The Gods how'ere, being invented by the Greeks, also had some foibles, human shortcomings to make them easy to identify with. Traits like, infidelity, backbiting, jealousy, hatred, double dealings, trickery....you know....fun stuff.

This made them loveable and likeable and you could always forgive them.

That is, unless you are Hera.
I am picking Hera to do a research paper on for school, because Hera ROCKS.

Beautiful, wise, nurturing, motherly, a sumptuous lover, talented, she is the First Goddess on Mount Olympus. She is "The Perfected One". 

A bit like Mary Poppins, who was "Practically perfect in every way" ...except.... better :)

Speaking from a woman's perspective....
Hera didn't start out being vindictive and vengeful, altho' she always had a jealous nature.
(And who among us can throw the first stone there?).

Hera really started flexing her powers after marriage to Zeus. 
Her brother-husband.

Some info reads: "Hera was not responding to his attempts to seduce her so he resorted to trickery that appealed to Hera's nurturing side."

He turned himself into a frozen bird, and when Hera felt sorry for it, picked it up and held it to her breast to warm it, Zeus turned back into himself, took advantage of his position, size and her fright and raped her. 

Now that's love, eh?

Even so, (I read on) "She forgave him, and they married to cover her shame." 
(did you get that? HER shame. Good grief.)

Zeus was in love with her. She is given the title of Protector of Wives and Marriage.

But he's a God with NEEDS. He starts fucking around on her. She is not only miffed about that....and that he's bedding MORTALS fer fuck's sake....but SHE'S the Protector of WIVES and MARRIAGE. Talk about your bad PR!

I can see it now....

Hera: "Zeus, really? I mean.... really? How many??"

And Zeus, being the handsome, virile God of the Universe, didn't get his paramours by his looks and charm. No. He almost always used a device to trick women onto his dick.
He turned himself into animals: Heifer, Swan, Bull....or clouds....or whatever his fancy was, just to get close enough to trick them into close proximity and den? 

And yet, it wasn't enough for him. What a dog.

I think Hera got a bad rap. In all the stories I've read, which are many, she is always labeled with a Jealous Crazy Beotch pin. 

But really....

Can you blame her?
I looked up Zeus online at Wikipedia. Go ahead. His paramours and progeny need a CHART. I'm talking Power Point and a Excel database to keep them straight. 

Hera did do some damage. She did some detective work, on whims that something was amiss. And guess what? There WAS.
Check this out:

"Io was a beautiful priestess in the temple of Hera, Zeus' wife, so if Zeus and Io were caught together Io could expect not to live a long nor happy life. Their affair lasted for quite sometime, but, as always, Hera became suspicious of Zeus' "innocent" actions. Fearing for Io's life, Zeus changed the girl into a beautiful white cow."

Imagine that. One of HERA'S own Priestesses. Zeus..Zeus...Zeus....did you ever hear about not shitting where you eat?
So Hera found out and send a stinging insect to constantly hound the poor girl. 

But it wasn't Io's fault. It was Zeus's. And Hera spent her entire eternity, dogging Zeus, tormenting his paramours and fucking up Zeus's plans. He kept her busy, didn't he?

Once some chick, named Antigone, boasted she had hair prettier than HERA'S.
(oh man....everyone move away from Antigone.....)
Hera heard it and changed the chick's hair into SNAKES.
(wow, you have to admit....that's a good one ;)

What stories! What adventures! What Power!

She got even with it all, by having several children children (altho' immaculately conceived, as she never strayed from her fidelity to Zeus. She was the Protector of Wives and Marriage, remember?) and by tormenting Zeus's bastard semi-god children.

She made Hercules' life miserable so many ways... (who was Zeus's son, NOT Hera's) and had Hercule's kill his own wife and children in a wild frienzy of which he wasn't even aware of or in control of himself. 

I've changed my mind about Hera. 


She doesn't fuck around.


StoryBook Club~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Fabulous night tonight!

Our StoryBook Club met for our 10th monthly meeting and we talked about "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving.

We all decided that he was a wonderful writer and his stories are even better when read ALOUD.
Which we did :)

Attending the "VanTassel's Party" here at Squirrel Haven were:
Phil, Christine, Lynn, Michael, Stephanie, Val, Keith, Nick, Rick, Debbi, Merlyn &  Harry

A sumptuous feast of food was offered fit for a Dutch country woman's table!


There was Ginger Beer, Mulled Cider spiked with Apple Jack, Roast Veggies, Pumpkin Soup, Autumn Braised Wild Catskill Boar (crockpot pork tenderloin ;), Caramel bread, Apple Crumb pie, English Toffee, Ginger Snaps and a Cheese tray.

We read excerpts of the story, and got to know the characters very well, and in the end we all liked Old Icabod more than we did before :)
And we all like Katrina Van Tassel a lot less.

Next month, in honor of October, our story research will take us in search of  ZOMBIES~

Get "The Zombie Survival Guide & Handbook"
It just may save your life.

Fun stuff even for a WOOS scardeycat like me!

So till next time.....
stock up on bullets, 2X4's, sharp implements, fill the tank with gas

and for God's sake....

get some twinkies.