Simple Pleasures 11

This was a work day for Harry...he had to do a 9/11 anniversary gig and run the sound/tech for it. But he didn't have to get going till a bit later in the day....thank the Gods, cause of the busy Irish Fest weekend and load out last night. We were how'ere, able to spend some time together on a restful morning before things cranked up again today. I, how'ere....had a day OFF. It was much needed! I've had no time to rest since the root canal last Wednesday. It followed with work that day and the next, and then  2- 12 hour work days back to back as stage manager/MC for the Irish Fest on the Traditional stage crew. To say I feel run over by a truck would be putting it nicely.

My simple pleasures this day consisted of:

1) NO TV. This is one day in particular that I am glad we don't watch TV. We haven't had an antennae since the microburst storm of 1998. We CHOSE NOT to fix it. And we enjoy not having it blather on and on. We choose what we want to watch instead of having it spoon fed to us.  I don't need nor want all the stress and hype...and especially today. Instead,  I am thinking good thoughts and have enjoyed my day immensely.

2) Enjoying FOOD. I allowed myself a CHEAT DAY. A day to rest, cook and eat.
I made Eggs Benedict for me and Harry for breakfast. Oh yum! I have this fabulous recipe for "Mock Hollandaise" and I now prefer it to regular hollandaise sauce. It's easier, and YUMMY.
I savored every delicious bite.

3) Talon came over to visit and we cooked together, which we always enjoy doing. We made meatloaf and roasted veggies and I raised a couple loaves of frozen bread dough. I had a piece of warm bread with butter! I know....NOT on my Atkins....but it's the first bread I've had in months. Nothing like warm bread and real butter. :)

4) 2 glasses of Cabernet. My first alcohol in 2 weeks. And yes, it was delicious and worth waiting for. I figured I'd been VERY good. (Actually, I'm tired of being SO good.) So I had the wine while we were watching 2 movies he rented and brought over: The "X-Men-First Class" and a second feature of "Red".
Good stuff and nice to have a down day.

5) He also brushed my hair for me. I totally LOVE this and will corral my children, husband, friends and damn near anyone to do it for me.

6) A quiet house now. Will go stretch out, feet up... with my book.


I truly hope your day was blessed and good to you as well. I am thankful for so many things.
It's good to pause this month and take a moment daily to appreciate the little things.

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