Simple Pleasures Challenge

My blogging friend, Lynn, has made a challenge out here in the land of ether, for this month of September, is
to take stock every day of simple pleasures and to appreciate them.

I like this idea. It doth have merit. :)

It's good to support each other and to be appreciative of such things.

My entry for today:

1) I have been trying daily for the last few days, to do a bit every day on my desk, it's projects, piles and needs. Today I sorted out receipts into my accordian file, and while it doesn't sound exciting, it's DONE :) And over the last few days I found my desk top and appreciate the beauty of the wood.

This has in turn, inspired Harry to do a little every day on his desk. (well, that and the fact that he went to go use his credit card today and it had "expired" and he had lost his new ones somewhere in the pile of his desk. He has since moved a mountain of paper, found his new able credit card and also some desk space!)

2) I enjoyed the sunshine today and being with my friend Debbi and Nick for a movie tonight.

3) I also am very happy the antibiotics have kicked in on my abscess and I am getting some relief before my root canal next week. Less pain IS a simple pleasure and I am soooo grateful.

4) I am also grateful for a new doctor that called me and chatted with me for 20 minutes today and really listened.

5) I also saw my nutritionist and he was very attentive and supportive.

6) Harry has been extra sweet and endearing today and yesterday. I feel very loved.

7) I met Talon out for lunch and had a wonderful quick visit before work and got caught up. It's good to have kindred mates :)

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