Simple Pleasures 9

A wild day of fun work, hosting the Traditional music stage at the Irish fest and playing too.

A bit of loveliness this day?

1) Some of the best corned beef I've ee'er eaten. It was FANTABULOUS.

2) Listening to some great music

3) Playing some fun music

4) Friends and Family who came to see us and listen. Love you LOTS :)

5) Dancing Mischievites

6) Getting home and the love of a wiggly puppykins

7) Lories afghan and my FEET UP. (SOOOO HARD to be walking on pavement all day. Good god my legs and feet hurt. But OH JOY to have them up and snuggly!!!!

Hope your day was a good one. It's good to give thanks.

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LynnieBee said...

Yay! I wish we could come to the Irish Fest, but we have a housewarming party today....partake of good food and good music for me!