Simple Pleasures 6

Today I am thankful for these simple pleasures:

1) Bringing a healthy snack to my desk at work, because I tend to "stress eat" ....and when the phone at college rings off the hook...crunchy celery rocks!

2) I wore something low cut and stylish and well,....I"m feeling pretty today

3)I  made breakfast and a lunch for Shawna. She stayed overnight last night with us, and it was nice to have her home again.

4) I can chew that yummy celery on my left side again. Abscess is down.  Root canal tomorrow. While I am not looking forward to getting it done tomorrow morning...I AM looking forward to having it behind me.... Tomorrow afternoon.

5) I am thankful that I am an inventive good cook! I really wanted lasagna...but I'm currently not eating carbs (bread/pasta/cookies/pie/rice/oatmeal sort of starches)..SO....I made a lasagna with sauteed sweet sausage and portabella mushrooms, covered it with ricotta/cottage cheese, green peppers, onions, mozzerella and sauce. It was FABULOUS. And still on my Atkins eating plan :)

It's been a good day.

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