Simple Pleasures 5

Today's Gifts included:

1) Going back to bed. I've been whipping a dead horse...been doing too much. I think I'm just too blasted exhausted. Crawling back in with Harry was wonderful. I slept for 3 more hours and got up at 10:30. Awesome.

2) Started reading an old favorite book. Didn't get much time at it, but it was lovely while it lasted.

3) Hearing the rain.

4) Having company.

5) Making up with a loved one. Sharing food together as a family.

6) Eating what's good for me.

7) Feeling validated.

All good things. Hope you can find some things to feel thankful for today.


LynnieBee said...

Huzzah! I got to share food with family today too :) 'Twas Lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Good blogs the past few days Merlyn! :)

InGothWeTruss said...

I am thankful for YOU.
I am thankful for a day with good friends and creativity.
I am thankful my son is now *single*(long story)
I am thankful for the abilities I DO have, and not wallowing on what I don't.
I am thankful for the family I have still alive and thankful for the times I have shared with those passed on.
There are more, but you get the idea. Just be thankful for what you DO have.

desdemona75 said...

I am thankful for having yesterday to spend with my men in my yard, doing some much needed work (burning calories, getting sun and cleaning up all at the same time with a dip in the pool to follow the work!). And for having time to quilt/sew and not having to cook dinner - very thankful for leftovers! And I am thankful for you, as a wonderful friend.

Merlyn said...

You are all welcome. This was sent to me by a friend and I'll post it from her anonymously:
"Found this after catching up on the last two weeks of blogging thought you might find it interesting
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): I periodically perform a public ritual called
Unhappy Hour. During this focused binge of emotional cleansing,
participants unburden themselves of their pent-up sadness,
disappointment, frustration, and shame. They may choose to mutter loud
complaints or howl with histrionic misery or even sob uncontrollably. At
the end of the ceremony, they celebrate the relief they feel at having
freely released so much psychic congestion, and they go back out into
the world feeling refreshed. Many people find that by engaging in this
purge, they are better able to conjure up positive emotional states in the
days and weeks that follow. It's a perfect time for you to carry out your
own Unhappy Hour, Libra"

I guess this touches a nerve, for we are all human. Thanks for sharing and being my buds too :)