Simple Pleasures 4

After a roughish night, dawn broke with the promise of a new day ....with no mistakes in it....



This day I am thankful for the following:

1) FRIENDS. Friends who responded to me this day when I was down. Who wrote and told me that they feel the same way, for me to keep writing, no matter what. That they RELATE. That they exist. That they too, breathe the same breath sometimes. It became apparent to me, with the heartfelt notes I read from them, that the feelings of being disjointed, or alienated, or seperate, or a human universal feeling from time to time. We all need to feel connected...that we have a purpose....and that sometimes we don't feel like we do. A reminder that sometimes we need to empty out our psyches and our tear ducts. To dump out so that we may refill. the universe does not like a vacuum. It will fill an empty space. My heart has a large empty space. It will be refilled with something or someone time.
I give thanks and praise to those brave enough to say their deepest feelings, those who understand me & didn't take the opportunity  lay me lower on a bad day. I love you so much.Thank you.

2) I am thankful for Mischievites! Those fans who sang and danced and signed and laughed and waited so patiently for us to play again. They who appreciate our silly brand of humor laced with harmonies, and who are so loyal. Even for pirates :)

3) For Chocolate Iced Coffee. Which is NOT on my diet. (sugar)  But I didn't drink any alcohol at a pirate fest and this was as decadent as I let myself be :) I mean, what the hell. It made me happy to drink it with my friends.

4) I am especially thankful for my husband, Wayne, whom I followed his van home in my car, on an hour and a half drive, and who texted me along the way, love notes on an otherwise silent brooding drive home and made a quiet cell phone ring with sweetness.

Even on a bad day, there are things to be thankful for.

Friends come and go.

Sometimes tears need to be spilled.

But true friends will hold your hand when you are sad and tell you everything is going to be ok....tomorrow.

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LynnieBee said...

You kick ARSE!!! *love*