Simple Pleasures 3

Simple pleasures this day consisted of:

1) Walking Monty on a beautiful summer mornning (it turned out to be a 1 poop/10 piss walk for him :)

2) Playing at Pirate Fest, I stayed on my eating plan and savored a dozen steamed clams IN butter...and I had coleslaw. I was able to easily and politely refuse flasks and offers of pints due to "antibiotics" and everyone understood.

3) My comfy chair after a VERY HOT day at the lake, in garb and a 1 1/2 hour ride home, where my joints have seemingly seized up. This chair with the fan, and chicken in the oven is a beautiful thing.

4) Just being HOME.

Hope your day was good.

Cherish the little things....

It is what makes up LIFE.

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