Simple Pleasures 28

I am grateful this day for:

1) My beautiful, twining, luscious blue Morning Glories!

2) Helping Shawna sort out her room, her clothes and I am so proud of her being independant. (even when she wore her egg & olive sandwich at lunch :)

3) People in Shawna's life as her caretakers. Barb Gregg in particular. What a wonderful person she is :)

4) Leftovers in the fridge, so that I don't have to really cook tonight!

5) The warm breezes this morning on my walk, and the delicious cooler breezes with rain sweetly falling tonight.

6) Shawna home for the evening and choosing to be with us, here, instead of going bowling with her friends. :)

7) Feeling loved with texts from my honey.

I hope your day was wonderful and filled with joy!

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