Simple Pleasures 26

Hey Ho :)

Today's wee pleasures and loveliness include:

1) A potato cake made from yesterday's Colcannon for breakfast! :)

2) Sorting out a stack of music, to learn, to file in music books, for different occurs to me how grateful I am to be able to learn and remember such great tunes, silly, beautiful, randy, sad, happy or otherwise.

3) Lunch out at Chinese restaurant. It was nice, but I soooo enjoyed my pot of tea!

4) A crisp Empire apple as a gift from Debbie at my desk. Sweet, good for me and crunchy and full of the flavor of Fall!

5) Coming home tonight, fixing some dinner and watching a couple of episodes of "Big Bang Theory" by myself and with feet up.....just so relaxing and calm. I love my house.

6) A lovely snuggle with my love. Safe. Happy. Together. :)

Hope your day was great too :)

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