Simple Pleasures 23

These are some of the amazing and fun things I am celebrating today on this, the first day of FALL!

1) Went out to lunch and had an amazing antipasto salad and lovely visit with Talon.

2) He took me to a store, let me pick out something I've been wishing for, and bought it for me.
It made my day :)

3) Hearing "Alright Now" by Mitch Ryder and Detroit (one of my all time favorite songs) while I was driving  and cranking it and singing full bore. :)

4) STRONG Sphincter muscles.
There are good things about being on a good eating plan. One is that you become a "regular" kind of gal..
(I know....this is probably TMI.....:)
you know the old saying, "Never pass up the opportunity to privy"?
Well, I did. (Read: "I didn't want to poop in Wegman's Rest Room..... I mean......who does?  :)
Thought I could "hold it" till I got home.... (Read: 20 minute drive :)
Bad call.
On the drive home, my stomach started to give me dangerous warning signs, gurgling noises, harsh cramping, followed by me being driven by my intestines to go WAY FASTER in the car....
Only to be thwarted by a driver in front of me going.... THE FUCKING SPEED LIMIT
(Damn him)
Thank the GODS I know Lamaze breathing from childbirth class way back when.
I can't believe I made it.
Got home. Jumped out of the car, RAN into the house, blew past Monty....
As I saw my most beautiful and handsome waiting potty at home, all I could think of was....
"A shit in time saves.............well.............EVERYTHING".
This was truly a Simple pleasure worth celebrating :)

5) Laughter. It's a good thing to be able to laugh at one's self  :)

Hope your day wasn't shitty either :)


Chris Finger said...

Alright Now is on the radio as I'm reading this... Really!

Merlyn said...

:) Co-incidence? I think not :)

LynnieBee said...

So glad you made it home!!! One time I didn't, but that's a whole 'nother story ;)

Merlyn said...

I think it's a universal thing ;) one i felt complelled to write about...I know that some folks think I'm odd...too open...too forth coming...but I think it's all good to relate ;)