Simple Pleasures 20

Is your glass 1/2 empty?
Or is it 1/2 full?

It's really a matter of perspective I was thinking.

It's been a really hard year for me, if I look at it realistically and pessimistically.

My dog got ran over and he had to have extensive surgery. ($4000)
I had lens replacement surgery to correct eyesight and remove cataracts ($5000)
Monty had a dangerous lump removed ($400)
Head gasket on the Suburu ($1500)
Brakes, muffler and catalytic converter (+$2000)
Abscess/root canal/crown (+$2300)
School taxes went up.(UGH)
all with No insurance, living self employed and working thru it all.
I feel like I've been "hemorraging" money.


If I look at these things again, in a different light, a more positive light, I can see them from a different Perspective.

*My dog had a great couple of doctors and home care and he LIVED and is WELL now!
*I can SEE without glasses!
*Monty's lump was benign, and removed w/o complications.
*My car is fixed, running great and is a good car.
*I am hopeful to be able to keep my eye tooth, have a nice smile and have found a couple of great dentists in the area.
*I have a cute home and it is a safe, cozy haven for my family and friends.

I suppose, there is always a way to see things one way or the other.

Have you lost a lover?
Well, you enjoyed it while it lasted.
You LIVED and LOVED and are probably better off for it.

Have you been sick?
Well, you appreciate health now much more than you did.

If you see the glass as 1/2 empty, you are a Pessimist.
If you see the glass as 1/2 full, you are an Optimist.
If you see the glass full of MILK, you are a Baptist. :)

Find something good in your life to celebrate. I know you can if you try.

love and hugs,
From Merlyn of the Land of Empty Pockets....

but then again....

Prosperity Thinking says:
It's only money, and there's lots more where that comes from, so those empty pockets could easily FILL with money too....
because the Universe cannot abide a VOID.

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