Simple Pleasures 15

Hey Ho~

Today's wee simple things that I am happy about are:

1) Delicious romantic snuggles, relaxing and safe and wonderful. I am loved. Deeply and honestly.

2) I had to take a "personality" test at work, along with my other co-workers (Read: Boss's wild hair idea) and was pretty pleased to see these as my documented traits: (don't laugh :) :It said I was "Stable, gregarious and socially adept and that I rarely antagonize others "intentionally" :) Also that I am "Amiable, alert, eager, rebellious, persuasive, deliberate and enthusiastic" :) My immediate supervisor said that "indeed I was a stress reliever for the office, a positive optimistic influence on it and also that I provide many contacts and am very good with people with my "entertainer's personality". This made me feel very sweet. :)
3) I took Mr. Monty Joe to the store with his new "Quiet face" mask on. He was happy to go and get into it, and his leash. And BONUS: I got out of the car and he didn't bark AT ALL when I went into the store for 5 minutes!! (usually he would've started barking the minute I got out, till the minute I got back in the car....amazing. I bought him new "cookies" for being such a good boy :)
4) Steamed dumplings. I had 5 for dinner with some wine. 
5) Starting with the 1st season of "Big Bang Theory", Harry and I are re-watching this smart, funny, irreverant show :) Just for FUN.
6) YOU. Thank YOU for reading, listening and being there for me to write to. You ROCK.
It occurs to me that this Simple Pleasures blog is a working example of the "Law of Attraction" in motion.  
The more you appreciate...the more it comes to you.
"Ask and you will receive. Knock and the door will be open unto you."
Be thankful and you will have much to give thanks for :)
Hope your day was a good one  :)

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