Simple Pleasures 12

Today's simple pleasures consisted of:

1) Getting ready for a party and having the house, food and plans come together.

2) Making a fun table and creative centerpiece for our dinner party tonight.

3) Sitting down and enjoying a cold seltzer in my comfy chair as a treat after chores were accomplished.

4) Getting a silly "Frankenstein" phone call from a friend, in honor of my themed dinner party for Storybook. (he only grunted and made mono-syllabic moans for the first few seconds, then I heard "Food Good' ....thankfully I understand Frankenstein-ease" :)

5) Friends. Good friends. Good food. Good conversations. Smart fun.

6) Garlic stuffed olives. Debbie's saurkraut. Betsy's bread. Christine's dip.Everyone's company and their treats.

7) Storybook Club!! :)

I hope your day was creative too!!

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