Simple Pleasures 10

A beautiful sunny summer day and a grand festival day!
The pleasures that I simply enjoyed this day were:

1)  I got up early with Harry....but then....after he left to start his day.....I went back to bed and slept a wee bit more....just because I COULD. And Monty agreed we should. I think we both sacked out for another decadent hour....and drooled on the tired were we..:)

 2) Then a morning walk with my doggy in the sunshine.

3) Watching wee Irish dancers "play" with each other backstage waiting to go onstage. They are children, remember....talented and organized and precision....yet it was lovely to see them being so playful making up a "super secret friend clapping handshake"....while waiting their turn.

4) Looking up and politely asking the Gods in the heavens to provide the owner of the car that parked me in...(blocked my much wanted exit out of the festival after a long weekend of work)  I asked the Gods to have the owner present themselves...and then almost instantly....within 10 seconds after I asked this question...out comes Harry with the mysterious owner...found at a packed festival...and her keys to move it :)

Hope your day had some special wonderful miracle moments in it too :)

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