A Month of Gratefulness

This is the last day of September 2011.

Thus ends the "Simple Pleasures" Blog.

I'm sure some of you give a hearty sigh of relief to not be "pelted" or "swamped" by my daily missive.
You know what? You can always just hit "delete."
Or tell me you don't want to be on the fucking mailer anymore. Or don't click this link.

On the other hand....
Some of you have told me how "much the daily reminder of the blog sets their mind on their own gratitude for things" in their life..... and that makes me glad.

At one point early in the beginning of this month, I told Lynnie I was bailing from this project because of a couple reasons.

One was that I didn't think that anyone wanted to read my daily blather, and that it was self presumptuous and self involved to write it.
Also that I felt it might take away from some of my other writing ideas. 

Well, I have learned a thing or two in this month's project.

One is that the more you are grateful for things, the more things come to you to be grateful for. (or at least I observe them in such a light). Granted, there were a couple of days that I really had to stretch myself to find something to be thankful for on a shite day. But that was a good exercise too. To find something good in a hard day. Some days are like that. Momma said. :)

And while it did take away from some of my other writing projects and ideas, it was very good to change my daily focus too. For what I realized,  is that my life is, over all, a very good life.

Yes, Harry's torn up all the work I've done from this last spring's blog notations on "Dumpster Days.
Yes, the garden shed is full now of his stuff, the mud room, the deck and the back yard is horrid. AGAIN. Yes, He "promises me" that it will get better once Screamers Hollow gets up and running.
And Yes, I am trying not to stress.

Instead, I save money for another fecking dumpster and hope for the best and for the Gods to give me some more strength and fortitude to be able to hold up and not only survive with a man like this,...
but to THRIVE.

Life IS Good, dammit.

Don't let the politicians and the government and the media tell you it's not.

They LIE for their own agendas.

Life is about friends, and doggies, and kitties, and birdsong, and sunshine, and music and laughter and enjoying your bed (even if you are hormonal and only sleep for about 2 hours a shot all night)....
you are ALIVE.

Life is about enjoying a beautiful sunset or even better...a sunRISE.

It's about forgetting to bring a casserole to a party because you and your lover had a lovely romp and he fucked your brains out and while you were halfway to your destination,  you realized you forgot to bring the casserole. :) My dear....there are WORSE things to happen :)

Life is about puppy kisses, and helping your disabled daughter clean her room, and loaning your other daughter money to buy college books (that's a wondrous great thing to support).

It's about weighing yourself after taking a shit and finding you lost a pound. Or TWO :).

It's about having dishes to do because you had a kick-ass party and cooked some great food and everyone got their bellies filled.

And leftovers. So you won't have to cook for another couple of days.

Life is about making your bills, and maybe having enough leftover to do something fun.

It's about enjoying food for the pleasure of it, and sometimes not counting the calories.

Life is also sometimes about spending money you don't have to buy a Steam punk jacket, just cuz you wanted it, goddamit.

It's about the dragonfly that came and settled next to you while you read a book on the porch, and you checked him out and he was amazing.

Life is about being tangled in sheets with your lover and just enjoying the feel of him wrapped all around you like a pretzel and not wanting to get up, and him telling you, you can't get up because he'll miss you.

It's about writing a blog, mentioning a song, and a reader read the blog and at the very same moment, while he was reading your blog, the very same song was on HIS radio playing. It's about the magic of synchronicity.

It's about acknowledgement of others in life, in giving or receiving their gifts, in profile pics, in emails, in a spontaneous text of love, in stupid fucking blogs, that people love or hate but you know you must write the stories.

Life is about deciding to have a wonderful piece of whole grain bread with real butter or a warm biscuit from the oven when you haven't been eating carbs...and you ADORED it for the treat it was.

Life is about these little simple pleasure stories.

Thanks for listening this month . :)


LynnieBee said...

I'm so very glad you stuck with this, and as always, you are an inspiration to me! I can't wait to read more of your projects, thank you for writing this blog! I love you :)

InGothWeTruss said...

Not a day goes by that YOU don't give me something to be thankful for. If it is playing your discs, reading your blogs or just knowing you are in my life even tho we don't get to see each other as often as I would like. Thank you Merlyn...

Merlyn said...

Thank YOU both for reading and being my buds :)
Love you.