Renaissance Man/Fantasy Weekend

Harry & I love to play with the themes for the faires and also with the themes for our Open Mics.
It makes it all a bit more clever, creative and fun to do so.
You can stretch your imagination that way.

One of our open mic players in the past, was Tony Famiglietti. He is a "crooner" and does a lot of Frank Sinatra type songs. Well, one Christmas we ran a theme of "Holiday Music" (obviously) but Tony didn't know many of those types of songs. So he chatted for about 5 minutes about Santa and Rudolf with it ending with a segue to what he thought Santa would tell Rudolf which was his intro for his song...
"Fly me to the Moon" :)

It was a brilliant link.

Well, I have to say that I was kind of let down that the Ren faire featured "Renaissance Man" for this last weekend.
I mean, a renaissance faire?
We have to feature "Renaissance Man?"

First... and "disses" 1/2 the population of the sexes.

Secondly....(Aside from Henry the VIII songs)....what are you to do for that?

Well, the Wench Guild reacted in a big way to that very same lame theme and decided to retaliate as only wenches can.


(I mean, don't YOU love Fantasy Wenches? :)

They "hijacked" the Renaissance Man theme back to "Fantasy Weekend" as it was before....
and they decorated themselves for REN REVELRY of the highest form ....
as is the wont and love of pleasure seekers of BOTH sexes.

We encouraged them thusly!

Here is a TRUE Renaissance Man Fantasy!
The Queen's Knickers! :)
(a VERY RARE pic! :)

And wenches showing their bloomers!

And let's not leave out the ROGUES!

We sang to a sheep :)
There was an Elegant Fowl....
There was a Kitty :)
But when they were together......
Merlyn recited "The Owl & The Pussycat" for a fetching Owl and Pussycat :)

There were many fantastical creatures!
A sheephead :)

A flower fairy :)
Lenny Burrows, the Master of Revels...
proved he were a real man...a Renaissance Man for the Queen and did strut his stuff!
(pay special attention to Her Majesty and her ladies in waiting in the background :)

(and as always....a few other oddities as well.)

Good god. 3 Muskateers in WODE.
 Would that make them "The 3 Wode-ske-teers?" :)
(someone should have a chat with them about mixing metaphors..... as well as time frames and cultures....)

Robin Hood Wenches with decadent short dresses.....
(BTW~ this is considered "Ren Porn"....
Note the uncovered ankles, calves, KNEES...THIGHS....eeeekkk!!  :)
And well, Merlyn got sick on Sunday.

Mostly sick of the dense air of misogynistic thumb ruling of the silly, silly "Renaissance Man" weekend.


If you can't beat 'em....

Join 'em. :)


Merlyn left.

A quickly found stand in was found as her replacement.

Her daughter, Jesse's "imitation dad" (or her "Faux PA" as it were) came to the rescue.
The child deserves a medal to have parents thus..... :)
He were quickly loved up and the fans dubbed the duo "Harry & Harry-er"

Oh, aye, "Harry-er" got his share o' jabs.
(Mostly about his beard looking "cat-like" or "lion-like")

"They were merely jealous" Harry-er thought, and he sang "When I were King o' the Forest!" to appease the crowds)

He also got his goodly share o' offers for dates :)

And he LOVED it right well.

Who wouldn't???

From females mostly....

Altho' there were a couple from curious males as well.  :)

All in all, it were a wondrous FANTASY Renaissance Man weekend in the end.

The heavens did NOT piss down on us as expected and predicted.


Harry was an exceedingly good sport for performing with a fledgling sub and training a new musician as Merlyn's stand in.

Merlyn was a good sport for sharing her spotlight with someone so furry and odd....
and she even exercised HER fantasy need to strut manly wiles in her stead.....

"Harry-er" proved that he were "Renaissance Man" enuf....
and had balls enough....
to take the jabs and the ensuing come-ons and kisses.

Altho the skill and talent o' writing his name in the snow has not materialized as Merlyn had hoped  :)

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